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Happy TENTH Birthday!

Today is a very special birthday! The E for East Litter is TEN. There were six in that litter and three are celebrating their birthday on earth today.

Life, Suffering, and So On.

It is so strange to have a berner who doesn't want to eat -- so foreign to me. But Zoey had the particularly nasty chemo drug (doxorubicin) on Wednesday and even with the miracle drug Cerenia on board, food is not her favorite thing. 

Sparklers @ Seven Months (COMPLETED)

Our Baby Sparklers are not so little anymore - today they are all seven months old and we celebrate with some photos, starting with Ruthie in New York...


It is really too bad that Harper B for Breed Me Not won't have a litter because of her bad knees -- for one thing, she is so nurturing...

Harper B for Bum Knees (aka Thank Goodness for TPLOs)

Harper B for Bum Knees had her first TPLO two years ago; Dr. Sherman Canapp in Maryland did the surgery and expertly guided the rehab from afar with the help of our Missoula veterinarian, Dr. Shonie Card. Harper B earned her TDX 11 months after surgery, but it wasn't long after that we began to see issues with Knee #2. UGH.

Three Generations of Bright & DH vs. SUP

Dear Husband had never been to Salmon Lake or tried the Stand Up Paddleboard (aka SUP), and so off we went with one SUP and three dogs. Although his attempts at the stand-up part of SUP were not quite a rousing success, they did make for some fun photos. NOTE: No Dear Husbands were harmed in the taking of these photos!

Summer Fun

After the long, cold winter you would think I would be happy about the long, hot summer -- not so much! It is the sizzling hot part that is getting to me -- but we find ways to stay cool...

Happy B-Day & Summer Photos

Happy Birthday A Litter, which included Miss Maize (photo at ten years :)

Various -- Like Life

Yesterday was the birthday of Cadi, Maverick and Dillon; tomorrow is the A Litter's birthday, including Maize. I am reminded that every day is someone's secret sorrow. Time absolutely softens loss and grief, but how sad would it be if a painful bruise did not always remain to remind us of deep love? I am remembering -- and missing -- great dogs this month.

Morning Show

The puppies were mesmerized at the dining room door, watching something outside as I was making toast. I went over to see what was so interesting and that is how the first slice of toast went to the dogs.


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