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Pics from The Juggler

Nikko J from the iPups...

The Tale of Two Puppies: The Rest of the Story (so far)

Thank you, Dear Reader, for hanging in with the Tale of Two Puppies, and for sharing their story. Over the past week, I have shared the carefully collected and analyzed data I believe supports a position that Angie Sargent:

The Tale of Two Puppies: A String of Strike Outs

I think it should be pretty clear to anyone who has followed the Tale of Two Puppies that wrongdoing swirls around Angie Sargent like the cloud of dust that follows Pig-Pen...

Animal Welfare: Why It Matters

As a university professor, I work with colleagues who devote considerable education and brain power to a variety of causes and areas of inquiry. From ants and anxiety to zoonotic diseases, the professional world is teeming with ideas about what matters enough for a lifetime of study. We value such diversity in academics because we understand the importance of systems, interrelationships, and the pursuit of knowledge. If all of us studied pine cones, for example, would anyone have come up with a polio vaccine or a computer or a palliative care program?

The Tale of Two Puppies: The (fake) Receipt

The Tale of Two Puppies is -- unfortunately -- not the story of a rapid rescue, which is why the puppies had four weeks and two days to marinate in urine and turn yellow. The relatively slow response was not for lack of effort. There was a quick burst in that first week and while neither Plan A (asking Animal Control to pick up the puppies) nor Plan B (be nice and just ask Angie to give the puppies back) got us the puppies, both helped to establish relationships and so I cannot say the early efforts were failures.

The Tale of Two Puppies: What Friends Are For

In our last episode, the two puppies had arrived in America -- Vermont, to be more precise. That was July 10. A few days later there was buzz on a Facebook list -- Angie Sargent had managed to get two female puppies from the well-regarded Terra De Bern Kennel in Russia. I had never heard of Angie Sargent before but I sure know of Terra De Bern. My own Sparkle was sired by a Terra De Bern dog...

The Tale of Two Puppies: Off to America

This post will be tricky because I know the imperfections of human beings make all of us do unfortunate things sometimes. Does our humanity make us monsters? Sometimes -- but usually not. People do what they do for all kinds of reasons that make sense to them in the moment. My work and my life have taught me that human beings should not be defined by the worst things they have ever done, and so I try to tread carefully around the sins of others.

The Tale of Two Puppies: Introduction

I wasn't going to discuss the Tale of Two Puppies. I thought it was enough to get them back on behalf of their breeder (not me). Everyone makes mistakes -- no need for a public airing. And then two things happened.

You Can't Make This Sh!# Up

The story of the two rescued puppies just gets wackier. I know this is kind of starting at the end but it went like this...

Decisions, Decisions

Do you remember this photo from three summers ago?


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