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Love & Anticipation

I could not love this photo more -- it is Faith (F Litter), Princess (adopted), and their human grandma...

A Conversation

Is acceptable for a knowledgeable BMDCA member to allow her stud dog to be bred to a Backyard Breeder (BYB) bitch? Sharon Montville and I explore this question today.

Last Birthday Update: Tara!

Today we celebrate the last of the Glitterati's eighth birthday. Liz had the update all done, and then had some family things happen so the update arrived late and then I missed it in a flood of unopened emails. With no further ado -- TARA at eight!

J for Juxtaposition

The tale of Princess includes clues from solid sources that allow us to piece together her life. For example, she was born in January of 2007 Her first litter cash crop arrived when she was 13+ months old; we can deduce from registration records there were at least nine puppies in that litter. Her second litter arrived seven months later -- there were at least ten puppies in that litter.

A Story of Greed: Princess

It started with a post on Facebook -- a sort of "Old Dog Seeking New Home" kind of post. And that is how Princess, a nearly ten-year-old berner, went from "oh shit" to "YIPPEE" in about two hours.

Strong Words Without Speaking & Sparkler Data

Yesterday a package arrived all the way from Alaska!

Coming Soon: Puppy Pool!

In about a week we will open the very official Sparkler Puppy Pool, which is not a place to swim but rather a way to win fun prizes!

A Danger of Caring & Last Call for SS

Sparkle is expanding. If you are tracking, she is now at 32 inches, which is up nearly 1.5 inches in four days. I am feeling more confident that she is 1) pregnant, and 2) having a good-sized litter. But it may not be big enough and that is a significant source of stress for me right now.

Data Day & Secret Santa Reminder

As you can see from the chart below, Sparkle is not growing at the same rate as Zoey did and that explains why I have been so obsessed with measuring her (and worrying...). 


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