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Modified Hashtag

The Honeymoon is going well. Sparkle is being bred this week and if a successful pregnancy results (cross everything!), the Sparklers will arrive on/about December 19. Here is the pedigree of the hoped for litter (click to enlarge):

Brighton Needed Her Bro

I am sorry to share that Elliott, age 10.5 years, left to join his sister at the Rainbow Bridge. Like Brighton, his exit was stunningly quick and answers are not yet forthcoming (but they will be). Glenda shares:

iBoys & The (mostly happy) Chaos that Swirls in Montana

The iPup boys had a nice weekend. Nikko waited for a rare storm in northern CA...

Brighton Had to Leave

At the age of 10 years and nearly six months, Brighton (D Litter) left to join family at the Rainbow Bridge. Carol shares, "I'm still so stunned Brighton declined so quickly. Thursday morning when I brought her in after her morning potty, she lay down by me next to the sectional. Then all of a sudden she seemed to stand up quickly unlike her usual struggle, walked with purpose to the slider and I let her out in the yard never to return to inside. Looking back, it was like she had decided this was the end and I'll be outside."

H Moon Litter: Happy Birthday!

Normally I do a full week of updates on birthdays but this is not a normal week and so I hope you will forgive that I am doing a single post on the H Moon Litter's fifth birthday. This means the updates sent had to be abbreviated a bit but the celebratory good wishes are just as abundant! Let's set the stage...

Oh My

In case you missed this on Facebook -- tomato soup explodes like a volcano when dropped on the floor, FYI...


Today is the FIFTH Birthday of the H Moon Litter, and I have updates to share but I am too swamped to post this morning so stay tuned for those. Related to that -- Dear Husband has his new hip and once the pain is better, I am sure he will be happy it was done.

Hip Day

Someone is going to need a do-nut today...

On Your Mark

We are getting this show on the road...


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