September 2011

New Champion!

Congratulations to new champion, Zaida!

Advice and Good Wishes from Dogs

We have two of our friends losing body parts today! As I mentioned, Alex is losing tonsils and dear Kathy LaPine, aunt to all Kaibab puppies, is getting rid of her two bad knees and getting two new ones!!! So we are all thinking good thoughts for both of them and hope that any discomfort is short-lived and worth it... (click Read More)

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Back to Basics, Good-bye Tonsils, Two Pregnancy Updates

In my professional life I actually teach students how to communicate effectively, and so this is a topic I pay a lot of attention to in everyday interactions (and therefore more easily notice all my own screw-ups ;). I am well aware that there are lots of places where the message intended is not the message received. The trick with communication is that we have to carefully translate our thoughts and feelings, and then send them in a way such that another person can accurately discern our meaning -- this is tough.

Snark and Pregger Pics

I have written in the past about the value of competition in making us better. A good competitor helps us have a vision of what is possible, and invites us to new levels of achievement and success. Therefore, competitors are not our enemies -- they are our friends and mentors, inviting us to see new possibilities, and most importantly -- encouraging us to improve.

With this cheery little attitude, you can imagine my surprise that anyone would land a Snark Bomb in my vicinity!!! And at an agility trial no less!!!!! And a berner person?!!!!!!! Seriously???????? Good heavens -- about ZOEY???!!!! Them's fighting words...

Weekend News

First of all, thanks to Lisa K. who let us stay with her -- it was SO fun!!!!! To give you an idea of the great adventures we had, yesterday we headed off to Starbucks at O-dark hundred (both of us being excessively cheerful morning people -- really!) and ordered us some pumpkin spice yummy drinks. I took a lick of all that tempting whipped cream, choked on the inhaled spice stuff sprinkled on top  and sprayed whipped cream all over the counter -- imagine a sneeze but with whipped cream.

Thankfully I have much experience embarrassing myself -- I apologized profusely, grabbed napkins, and laughed until I cried -- and I think everyone else did also. It was a classic...

WHAT?! No Pictures!!??

I know that a lack of pictures is against the Blog Rules so I will see if I have something to share from my 16,000 pictures but this is a Blog about heeling and training, as per requests. And yes, Marti (and anyone else) -- feel free to share ideas.

So here is the scoop, friends -- you cannot train like anyone else because you are not the same person. But we can share ideas and glean from others -- good and bad. I train heeling the way I do -- in part -- because nearly 20 years ago I watched a berner in obedience and said to myself, "I will never show a dog that looks like that." The poor dog looked like she was waiting to be skinned -- it was sad :(

Happenings and Future Happenings

Isn't fall wonderful?! I like that I live in a place with distinct seasons -- in fact, I like changing seasons for most everything. For example, we are now entering obedience training season at our place. Yes, we typically always work on some obedience but during obedience training season it becomes a focus. (click the title or Read more)


Thanks to Barb for sending this photo -- Zaida Jamaica's second major towards her CH. Zaida is from the Glitterati so Syd's littermate...

Pregnancy Pictures

Here we are at Day 41 (Day 65 is expected whelping) and Syd is definitely looking rounder -- not huge yet but given that we still have over three weeks to go it is best if she has room to expand at this stage :) (click Read more or the title to see pictures)


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