September 2011

Sunday Morning Bones

Some have Book Clubs -- we have Bone Clubs...

The Darker Side

As we wait to welcome puppies with joy and anticipation, I am reminded that they will both arrive and also someday leave amidst a trail of tears and broken hearts. Today Bella Boo from the B Litter left the earth. It was not what any of us thought could, should or would happen, but it has.

Bella lived a well-loved life in Utah with my dear friend and colleague, Joan, and her husband, cats, and nephew, Rainey Toronto from the Glitterati. Joan shares, " My all time favorite memory of her is sitting in the grass at the famer's market, where Bella was face-to-face with a toddler who was clapping her hands on the sides of Bella's face, and screaming in delight.  Bella stood there, with a huge grin on her face, and her tail slowly wagging side to side."

Joan and I know many children who have left this earth too early -- I hope they were there at the Rainbow Bridge to welcome Bella, and held her sweet face in their healthy, chubby hands and gave her nose one last kiss from me.

Good-bye sweet friend -- you were loved from beginning to end.

Life with (too) Many Dogs

At 4:50 a.m. something made Mac bark, which made the girls bark, which made me wake up -- and give up -- so I got up. (click Read more for the rest of the story!)

Name That Dog & Pregnancy Update

Many correct answers for that picture -- it was Cadi and Zed! Do you suppose they were having a secret conversation about what was to come?! (Click Read more)


I have a new laptop, and it is very strange -- nice but strange because it is different. Change is unsettling -- even good change. But I know I will adjust and soon what is new will become familiar smiley (Heidi is now laughing at my smiley face because she knows how happy it made me to figure that out -- here is another one just for her: angry) Click Read more for extra cuteness wink


I do not believe we honor those who died by stopping our own lives or losing the joy that comes with living -- nobody deserves a legacy that includes the destruction of others or of their joy. And yet we cannot pretend that sorrow and grief are not also part of life. On this day of remembering the sorrow, grief - and trauma -- of 9/11, I again share this living memorial to ordinary, extra-special people who are gone from this earth but not from the hearts of those who so loved them.

Pictures from the Draft Test

Thanks to Lisa K. we are able to see pictures from the Washington Draft Test yesterday without leaving home! (Click Read more to see more)

More Flashing News!!!!!

I already shared the news from Colorado -- and now we have draft test news!!! It is a Glitterati day for sure -- Cooper Whitby just earned his Novice Draft Dog title!!!! Congratulations to Team Cooper!! And congratulations also to Kaibab friend, Lisa K. and her dog, Abby, who passed the open draft dog test today as well :)

News Flash!

Zaida Jamaica of the Glitterati just got a four point major at the big show in Colorado!!! It is her second major and she now has 13 points!!!! Way to go, Team Zaida!!!!!

Questions for A Breeder & Pictures (as required)

I received some questions from someone who is looking at breeders for a future puppy; I share the questions/answers both because it will give those looking for puppies an idea of perhaps what to ask breeders, and also to share my own responses. Note that the questions do not include, "got pups? How much?" which is a sure way to get the cold shoulder from most reputable breeders as it shows you have not done your homework.

So here we go...


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