September 2011

An Answer & Deer Friends

The picture on the pink from yesterday was kind of a trick, I realize now. Zoey's ball was in it -- but not Zoey! Cadi loves to carry stuff and sleep with things -- usually my shoes -- so that is Cadi with the ball and Asia is with her. I think it is a sweet picture :) (Click Read more)


Just a couple of snippets in a video -- Syd hanging out in my office before the vet appointment -- and guess who came to visit?! Galen! One of her most favorite people :)

Cute Picture and NEWS

Collective AHHHHHHH -- and double click the picture to see if I have this figured out -- do you know who those two are?

Another B-day Photo, Congratulations, & Good Luck

Thanks to Karen for sending this cute photo of Maya Darby, who not only is the spitting image of her older sister, Asia, but who also enjoys circus tricks like Asia :) Maya is from the F Litter, who celebrated their third birthday last week -- what a beautiful girl Maya is -- and so talented! (Click Read more)

Floating Adventures/Life Lessons

Floating -- like life -- offers lessons to those willing to pay attention. The last floating adventure taught us the importance of making sure you have everything you need -- like the car key. And it reminded me of the importance of keeping your Phone-a-Friend accounts current so that you can access them when needed. This time we learned even more important life lessons!

COI and a Surprise

Anonymous asks how we calculated the Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI) of 4.04% for Sydney's potential litter. (FYI -- Syd was bred to Zed, not Jed -- Jed is her dad :). There are computer programs that calculate COI -- Ron Smith sells one. Unfortunately, they are not easily compatible with a Mac and so a couple of years ago I asked a non-Mac friend to run a COI for a breeding between my F Litter and G Litter using Ron's program; it was low based on eight generations. (click Read more)

Just In Case

We cannot talk as if there will be puppies on/about October 13 because that would be tempting fate and possibly creating a jinx but maybe we could just write in generalities about some of the questions that have been asked about the potential litter and etc. without causing a problem?? I will try...

Happy Birthday Flitter Puppies!

Today our F Litter turns three years old! There are eight puppies in that litter -- six girls (Peaches, Maya, Faith, Purna, Maddie, and Zoey) and two boys (Zed and Homer). This litter was the first born in Montana and also the first Blog litter. I suspect more pictures will be forthcoming but wanted to share a few that I have already -- we will continue the birthday celebration all weekend :)

Just Stuff & Pictures

Do you know what happens when you hammer a square peg in a round hole? It is a big mess, and that square peg is never the same.

Sometimes we hammer away -- on ourselves, other people, and even our dogs -- trying hard to create a "fit" where one does not really exist. What is wrong with accurately assessing what we have -- a square peg -- and finding the right place for it? (click Read more)


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