October 2011

Day 20

This morning I was in the kitchen getting the big dogs fed when I heard a very distinct, small bark from the living!!! Just one bark -- SO CUTE!!!!

Day 19

We now resume Sunday. Jake and Cassie are on their way back to Utah and so it will be Dear Husband and I doing the video later today -- after it warms up a bit. In the meantime, here are some pictures that I just took...

A Recap of Saturday

It is a big challenge to take pictures and manage puppies, so how excellent to have Cassie here with her skills and camera. We had a lot of fun taking yesterday's photos, and are grateful to Dear Husband for stopping on his way home from Missoula to get those costumes. It went like this:

Day 18

Good Morning from Puppy Central!

I am looking forward to outdoor photo sessions for puppies later with Cassie -- if you have not seen her work, you can check it out here: http://cassandrabowman.blogspot.com/  and her photos are also on our grief website (www.helpwithgrief.org). In addition to her skills as a photographer, I think it will be useful just to have someone else to take pictures so I can manage the toddling flock of puppies; at this point, only Bob has not attain mobility.

Day 17

Friday is my busiest day -- I have been up since 4:00 a.m. trying to get everything done and ready. YIKES!! So this is short on words but I hope you like the pictures :)

Day 16

Such happenings already at Puppy Central! Well, not really but only because they are saving all their energy for the upcoming movie -- and they are only 16 days old...

Day 15

All is well at Puppy Central this morning -- pictures for now and update later...


Each week feels like a significant milestone, and so it is wonderful to say that we have made it safely and happily to two weeks old. The puppies are all within about seven ounces of each other, with Austin the smallest at 44.2 ounces this morning (birth weight was 12.35) and Barcelona as the biggest at 51.25 (birth weight of 16.4).

CH Zaida

Puppy pictures will continue on the Day 13 entry but wanted to share the official show photo of CH Zaida (from the G Litter so Sydney's littermate) -- congratulations again (and GOOD JOB!) to Barb and big thanks to Val Horney for handling her...

Day 13

Some of the things puppies do make taking pictures of them very challenging. For example, I put the bright orange fleece on a chair with the idea of taking individual pictures for the collage. This is how it looked...


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