October 2011

Day Two (Collage Added!)

Things are going well here at Puppy Central. All puppies are growing nicely, Syd is happy and well, the other dogs are settling down a bit, and the humans have slept (Dear Husband is sleeping now since he had the night puppy watch shift) -- what more could we ask? Pictures, maybe?

During the day I will update this Blog entry with all Day Two pictures and news. I will note the time of the update so you can scroll past if you have already read/seen it.

Official Collage!

Thanks to Terri Z. for the official collage!

Day One Pictures & etc.

I will add all photos of Day One to this Blog --  so check this for pictures...

Not for Sissies

It quickly became apparent at work that Syd was in early labor so I cancelled class and headed home. Her water broke about ten minutes from home and since I was alone (Dear Husband still in Utah), I went straight to my vet. I cannot say enough good things about them -- they gave me a space and supplied warm towels and help and etc. and within 20 - 30 minutes of our arrival we had the first puppy, and thirty minutes later we had a second boy.


Puppies are coming. Take Your Very Pregnant Dog to Work Day was ended early, water broke in car, made it to our vet's and she is pushing. No temp drop at all. Yikes.

Monday Night Report: Not Tomorrow

We have made it through Monday with no temperature drop -- here is the chart on the frig:

Awards and Anticipation

Super proud of Dear Husband!!!! Before retiring last November, Dear Husband was a sergeant for a law enforcement agency in Utah and very active in a program called Crisis Intervention Team (CIT), which trains law enforcement officers to deal more appropriately and compassionately with the mentally ill. Dear Husband, who has a masters degree in social work, was one of the first CIT certified officers in Utah and served as a trainer for the CIT program, in addition to serving on the State CIT Board.

Check this out -- from an email he just got (FYI -- NAMI is the National Alliance on Mental Illness):

Sleepless in Stevensville

I should be sleeping (since it is past 8:00 pm ;) but am unsettled by someone who keeps sending me strange pictures and texts, and has left me a voice mail and called other times -- I have no idea who it is. Yikes. The police have already been here and I asked my hacker son (not Galen -- another one) to see if he could trace the phone number -- more yikes!!!

Anyway, various things...

Mr. Wonderful II -- Literally

I am sorry to report a tragedy of epic proportions -- given Alex's delicate condition, parental guidance is suggested...

Brace yourself (i.e., no coffee in your mouth)...

Adventures in Pottying & etc.

As I mentioned, Cadi has a non-canine litter of babies -- yes, she is still denned up with them and even growls at the cats when they walk by! (click Read more)


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