November 2011

Day 50

Good Morning!

I heard from Alex's mom that he did his Plumpie 101 homework right away -- good job, Alex!!!!! Today we will start talking about vaccinations -- not an easy topic...


Another week has passed and in only one more week the plumpies will be officially old enough to leave. Did you know that in many states it is illegal to "transfer" a puppy before eight weeks old? Some specifically state that the puppy may not be removed from his/her mother before eight weeks. This does not stop some breeders -- even in berners -- from doing it, but it is an example of a regulation that makes sense -- for puppies and for their future homes.

Day 48

This morning the plumpies decided that the leash that has been in their play area for over a week was the newest hot toy, and a great game of tug ensued -- this is Heidi with Barcelona trying to jump in...

Day 47

One sibling has been missing lately and you have probably wondered, "What about Bob?" Well, never fear -- you are about to see pictures of five (terrifying) minutes in Bob's life this morning...

Day 46

Each morning it seems like someone different camps out in my lap -- this morning it was primarily Z. He just chewed gently on my hand, content to just hang out together, for most of the play session. Why would I let a puppy chew on my hand? Because that is how a puppy learns bite inhibition -- by learning what pressure on tender people is okay and what generates a reaction (removal, a shriek, etc.).

Day 45

You know how the days are getting shorter right now? And every day has just a little less light? That is how the plumpies are -- every day is just a little less sleep and a little longer (and louder) playtimes. But the differences each day are subtle and you have to really pay attention to notice them -- but that is what makes raising a litter so fascinating -- observing the emerging "inner dog" one small change at a time.

Happy Thanksgiving (Day 44)

Happy Thanksgiving from PlumpieVille! Barcelona is thankful for milk jugs and milk and plumpie fans and that her lazy eye got stronger without a patch because otherwise Galen was going to talk "pirate" to her and she doesn't like all those aarrghhh's....

Day 43

All is well here at Plumpie Central in western Montana as we head into the long holiday weekend. We revised Thanksgiving due to sheer exhaustion and the need to slow things down for a few days, and so appreciate the graciousness at which my guests accepted my last minute un-invitation.

SIX WEEKS OLD!! (Day 42)

Today is Sydney's third birthday -- Happy Birthday to her and also to her seven siblings. One of them, Mika, already had her party -- here is a picture that tells you about the fun she had -- and the fun she is going to have soon!

Day 41

Good Morning!

We reached another milestone last night -- the plumpies slept through the night!!!! When I woke up at 4:00 a.m. I had the instant realization that I had not been awake between 1 - 2 a.m. as usual, and I thought -- as all parents will understand -- that the plumpies must have all died during the night. Thankfully, they hadn't!


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