November 2011

Day 30

I want to start today's Blog with a picture because I think it perfectly sums up what is important to know about puppies:

Day 29

Having a litter of puppies -- for me -- is consuming. I seriously do not know how anyone produces multiple litters in a year -- they obviously have a skill set that I do not have, or else they have a higher "don't give a darn" threshold. And anyone who thinks it would be fun and easy to have a litter needs to have their head examined! I have not had a decent night of sleep in a month and I could make a long list of normal activities that have just dropped off the radar of my life for these weeks.


It is hard for me to believe that the plumpies are four weeks old -- what a whirlwind the past four weeks has been! But it is true -- they are officially four weeks old as of this afternoon, and of course Grandma Terri is working on a collage for us -- wait until you see how cute their pictures were this morning!

Day 27

So sorry this is late!!! This time change is messing with us -- first puppy wake-up is at 4:00 a.m. and by the time I got ready to take pictures they were all fast asleep so I had to wait until second puppy wake-up. However, the light was better so I got some pretty pictures :)

Day 26

I keep forgetting to include photos of the other dogs so I am starting with those today. Syd is fine with the other dogs now -- too fine in Halo's opinion...

Day 25

After I feed the big dogs in the morning, Syd and I turn our attention to the plumpies. Syd knows to lay down on the floor of the living and I move the plumpies to her so I can clean the whelping box. They can now hear and so when I talk, they all wake up and waddle hurriedly to the edge of the box -- what a wonderful good morning greeting :)

Day 24

Frantic Friday again -- yikes! But here are some pictures I took before I left the plumpies in the care of the Puppy Nanny, Auntie Heidi!!!

Day 23

This morning I wanted to address the question of how I pick a puppy -- or even if I am keeping a puppy -- as a way to share what goes into such a decision, at least for me.

Day 22

Still no internet at home -- sigh... But I already received one demanding email this morning so I know to make haste and post pictures! This is Syd and Pippi...


So sorry for the delay in the morning cuteness -- we are having internet issues at home. The puppies are having no issues, however, and now are champion walkers -- it is amazing how quickly they go from tipping over every other step to being able to just march around :)


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