December 2011

I Believe in Miracles/Mesa London Update

I cannot explain this but Mrs. Maize is almost completely back to where she was two weeks ago. Twice in the past week I was close to euthanizing her, including once when I even contacted the vet about it. But now she is wagging her tail again, eating whatever is offered to her and the best part: back in her position as Chief of the Fun Police -- never thought I would be grateful for barking but I sure am :)

Harper's Day

Today is Harper Barcelona's Designated Day, and so she is keeping an online journal of her adventures throughout the day:

Reflection, Contemplation, Plumpie Update Later

Euthanasia -- a fancy word for ending life, which is a nice way to say killing. We can dress it up, as we do, but the choice to euthanize is the choice to take away life.

Heidi Heidi Update and etc.

Let's start with the etc. We had a dreadful night -- Maize was panting and whining and restless and would not sleep. Since she sleeps in our room, this meant I didn't sleep either and was worried sick that I should be driving her off to be euthanized. This is such a rough time.

Words Now, More Later

Just a couple of quick things and then I will add a plumpie update later...

Holden Squeaker Update

Good Morning to all!

Toby shares this update about Holden Squeaker:

Merry Christmas (ZZeke Update)

Holden Squeaker and ZZeke got all decorated for the holidays, much to their chagrin -- first is Holden...

Mesa, Aspen, and The Sick Chicks

Alex was very prompt in his update for today! He shares:

Good Heavens!

Where to even begin!? Still in the hospital with Dear Husband. The clot in his leg is large and is probably not new -- I can stop feeling guilty for dragging him off on one of my crazy car adventures. His lungs have many, many bilateral peripheral pulmonary emboli so basically he is one big clot at the moment :(

Aspen and Auggie!

I want to start off by sharing this picture:


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