December 2011

Heidi Heidi Update

John was ever so prompt and had his Heidi Heidi update to me last night!!!! He shares:

Catch Up

Let's start with catching up on plumpie updates...

Toby shared how well Holden Squeaker is doing in yesterday's comments -- I deleted the ad for the Rolex watches so that part of her comment won't make sense but the rest is self-explanatory :) Here are the two videos she mentioned -- they are extra cute!

Quick Note

I am sorry to cause worry! Mrs. Maize did not eat breakfast but she ate most of her dinner -- dare we hope for a "bounce"??? And she is a little more perky -- I am hopeful for a bit more time together. I just took these of Maize and her great-granddaughter, Harper Barcelona...

The Puppy Love Train Adventure

We left Montana at about 11:30 a.m. on Thursday, and met up with Alex and Jennifer near Ontario, Idaho to pass off Mesa London. The weather was not great for that initial part but that was the only bad weather/roads on the whole trip so we cannot complain!

Puppy Love Train Photos

Just a few pictures from the adventures so far...

Day Something

Puppies up and ready to go at 2:30 am local time - what can you do? The Puppy Love Train is hitting the road in search of caffeine...

Day 65 & The Power of Words

The words we use to describe people and dogs shape how we feel about them, and therefore shape our interactions. For example, if I tell you that a person is "deceitful" you will probably be suspicious and lock up your valuables. On the other hand, if I tell you that a person is "generous" you will likely have a very open heart -- and home -- for this person.

Day 64

Elizabethanne's comment about word choice (command vs. cue) reflects both cognitive theory and narrative theory -- I told you dog training requires a good grasp of theory!

Day 63 & Training/Trainers

One of the scariest things about sending plumpies home is Dog Trainers. Yes -- that is what I said and what I meant -- Dog Trainers are scary for me as a breeder.

Day 62

I am happy to report that we have the first title from the H Litter -- Holden Squeaker was designated as "Emotional Support Dog" and allowed to sit on Toby's lap on the flight from Minneapolis to Philadelphia -- not even home and already titled!


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