December 2011

Day 61

Leftovers from last night...

Day 60 ***BABY NEWS***

The last day that all of the plumpies will be together -- and given how spread out they will be in their new homes, this is unlikely to ever happen again in their lifetime. Okay -- that is kinda sad to think about!

Day 59: Frantic Friday

Frantic Fridays end today with a giant crescendo. First, the University of Montana football team won something important and now has a Big Game, which they decided should be played on the last day of classes for reasons known probably only to television executives. This is all well and good but parking is already a bit like finding a good man needle in a haystack and we already have people wandering around campus who look suspiciously like foreign football fans -- I can only imagine how campus and parking will be today -- ugh.

Day 58

Good Morning!

I have various odds and ends to share and thought I would do it between pictures because as I was uploading them, they reminded me of stuff to say!

Day 57

I should have a warning label on me this week: Contents Under Pressure. Handle With Care.

Pictures later, words now. In no particular order.

EIGHT WEEKS OLD!!!!! (Day 56)

We made it! The plumpies have arrived safely at their eight week birthday smiley

Day 55

This morning I added a few things to the first play session -- I bet you will be able to guess what they were...

Day 54

Odds and Ends on a Sunday morning....

Health guarantees -- it is not realistic to think that a dog will always be healthy -- darn it. While the choice to breed two dogs is made by a breeder, we cannot control the gene pool of Bernese Mountain Dogs and so it is not about simply assembling a puppy -- like a refrigerator -- but rather about taking a calculated risk with things we cannot know or see (genes and all that biology stuff).

Day 53

Good Morning!

In our ongoing efforts at transparency, today I want to share the terms of the puppy contracts. Our contracts have evolved over time and with experience, and may not be exactly the same for all owners, but the following is a brief description of what is included in most of the contracts.


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