January 2012


I love all the plumpies but seriously -- every time I see Lainey Pippi's picture my heart hurts! Maybe I should have kept two puppies?! Sigh... No, I know she is right where she should be but still... I love this puppy!!!!!!! Here is Cindy's update on my Heart Dog who doesn't live with me...

Sweet Pictures

Toby must be having a busy day but I am sure we will have a Holden update later -- for now, here is Harper B making a puppy pile with her mom...

ZZeke Update & WOW

Barb sent some really nice photos for her update!! Here is her news about ZZeke...

More on Training -- AGAIN! Pictures, Update, & Video Later

I might have to change Harper's Day as Fridays are my busy teaching day so that is why poor Harper got two pictures and that was it! I hope to make up for that with a video this weekend of her tracking progress and also a shaping demo.

Shaping, Permissiveness, Training, and Later -- Harper B

Elizabethanne -- The Queen of Shaping -- how about posting some links to your YouTube videos of shaped behavior?

More on Training

Another in our randomly ongoing self-and-reader directed series on thoughts about training -- as well as a plumpie update later...

What She Said & Heidi Heidi + KaiBaby Update

I second what Elizabethanne said in the comments of yesterday. And I agree with Carol that likely it is just a stage -- if you think about it, big unknown dogs should probably be a little scary to the discerning puppy!

Lainey! Levi!

We have our Lainey update from Cindy!

Holden Squeaker Update!

Toby sends this perfect update for Holden Squeaker!

Puppy Stuff & ZZeke Update

I suspect one reason that so many dogs wind up in shelter/rescue situations is that many people just have no idea about what it means to own a puppy. Likely this is the same reason that many children are abused/neglected -- because most of us are ill-prepared for the rigors of parenthood.


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