January 2012

A Dreary Saturday Made Brighter by a Captain & a Halo

I am a little annoyed today -- people who have had big losses get like that easily.

Think, Think, Think & Harper B

Our new commenter, Lauren, is inviting lots of interesting thoughts and discussion! And I send hugs to Cousin Carmen and others who share our sorrow at the death of Mrs. Maize.

Doubt: Guilt's Evil Twin, Snow Pics, Auggie Austin Update

I am getting visits from Doubt -- the Evil Twin of Guilt. Did we succumb to that social pressure to euthanize our dog? And yes, as our Commenter yesterday shared -- there is absolutely pressure to give a dog that final so-called "gift".

Heidi Heidi Update, The Uselessness of Guilt & Gray Puppy

John shares this update (with pics) of Heidi2 -- and Baby Kai!

Lainey Update For Now

Let's start the day with a fun plumpie update -- cute Lainey Pippi! Cindy shares the following with us:

Just Stuff -- and FLOWERS

The death of a beloved dog rips apart the fabric of our lives, just as any significant loss does. It is an experience that is both profoundly personal -- and also universal. There is comfort in company -- in knowing that others understand -- and deep loneliness and sorrow as one sits with the very personal, private loss that nobody else can truly know. The reality that we all experience grief does not diminish the magnitude of it for any one of us when it is ours.

Wavering in the Stare Down

I think we have reached a point where we cannot ensure comfort for Mrs. Maize.

Pictures! Updates!!

I really love our Kaibab families and wish I had time to become BFF's with every one of them. Recently I have received some fun pictures from some of our families and I wanted to share them -- youngest to oldest.

The Importance of Little Soldiers: A Case Study

I get up, which causes such excitement that someone -- probably Asia -- leaped on the bed and landed on Dear Husband. First Item on List: Worry that Dear Husband's spleen ruptured and he bleeds to death since he is on blood thinners, and his dose was too high when tested yesterday.

Auggie Update For Now -- Little Soldiers Later

Today is Auggie Austin's update day and his dad, Paul, provides this terrific report:


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