January 2012

Stare Down Continues/Heidi & KaiBaby Update!

Last night and this morning Mrs. Maize barked in excitement at me -- hoarsely and weakly, but still barking -- who knew it would be so thrilling to be barked at?!

Means & Ends for Now/Lainey Update!

Let's alleviate worry right away -- here is a picture I just took of Mrs. Maize...

Holden Squeaker Update!

I was waiting to get Toby's update but realize that no Blog might be worrisome so here are the pictures Toby has already sent -- with her captions. Maize is fading but we still get a few wags and she is still eating and seems content -- definite changes but we are holding steady. Let's focus on her extra cute great-grandson, Holden Squeaker :)

Zeke Upate & Tracking

All is the same here with Mrs. Maize, and later I will tell you about Harper B's tracking progress but first let's hear from Zeke on his happy life in Leadville, Colorado...

M & M Day -- Maize and Mesa

I think there is almost a social pressure to "let the dog go" when she is sick with no chance of recovery. I can imagine some might wonder why we are "keeping" Maize alive when her life is so limited, both in time and function.

Maize First, Then Guest Blogger

Maize update first and then Harper can take over! This is a picture of Mrs. Maize from yesterday as she enjoyed our excellent weather...

Auggie Update & Harper's New Switch

Auggie Austin is obviously getting some excellent training in Bend, Oregon with Lois and Paul -- because he learned to send emails!!! Look what I got from him:

Heidi Heidi Update and etc.

Today is Double Dose Wednesday, where we check on the progress of two babies -- Heidi2 and KaiBaby. Later today I will update on what is happening around here, including Harper's weight and Mrs. Maize's current status (with pics). But for now let's just take a peek into the world of the Juniors -- young Heidi and the younger Heintzbergers -- John shares with us:

Things to Think About

"Well-behaved women rarely make history"

"If everybody likes you, you're doing something wrong."

It's a Long Shot!!!!

Toby may have whisked Holden Squeaker far, far away but it means that Holden is in the Land of Long Shots! No, that is not a new drink or a bad bet on a horse race -- the (in)famous Pat Long is a photographer but not just any kind but the kind that uses her talents to make a difference.


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