February 2012

Double Dose Wednesday!

It is Baby/Puppy day on the Blog!!!! Thanks to John and Kristine for this update on their busy family!

Not Listening & Lainey!

Dog events always cause me to think about stuff, and interestingly the non-dog events of the weekend had a theme similar to what I observed at the agility trial -- and even more interesting is that it is all related to something I talked about in my grad class on Friday...

Holden Squeaker and Pictures and So On

Let's start with our Update from Toby -- she shares....

ZZeke Update & Leftover Sunday Stuff

Trying to catch up! Here is our weekly report on Zeke from Barb!

"Zeke is feeling much better.  He spent his week on limited activity. Poor pathetic puppy face in the ex-pen...

Saturday Update

Internet issues yesterday so sitting at a McDonald's for this review of Saturday...

Travel Plans and Auggie Update

Harper B is very sad to have missed her Favorite Auntie yesterday and proposes an appointment next Thursday! She is free except from 1 - 2 so Favorite Auntie should name the time/location!

CHIC News & A Chick's Favorite Day!

Yesterday Zoey's OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) record finally showed this:

Double Dose Wednesday! Aliens Again...

Today's update is not going to help anyone with her desire to be mailed a plumpie and/or a small boy -- just warning you...

Pictures & Lainey Update!

Guess what is happening at our house this morning?

Monday Miscellaneous & Holden Update

A lot of showing going on this weekend! Here is a picture of Milo, Maize's son from the D Litter, who collected ribbons for obedience this weekend...


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