February 2012

Work Ethic & News & Video & ZZeke Update

Carol asks -- Is work ethic inherent in a dog -- or learned? Hmmmm.... Not sure how we would know, but I guess I have an opinion.

Thoughts on Training and Luck & MESA UPDATE!

I have written before about the importance of setting goals, and the necessity of taking baby steps towards the goals. Something else that I think is really important is having something that one is working towards -- a place to land with all the pieces put together (hopefully).

Harper B and The Favorite Day

Harper B for Blogging will be sharing her Favorite Day today!

Temporary Switch Back! Auggie Update!!!

Today is busier for me than tomorrow and since Lois sent the Auggie update early, we will have him today and Harper B tomorrow...

Double Dose Wednesday!

Thank you, John and Kristine! Here is their update:

Hearts and All That Mushy Stuff & Lainey!

I was reading the paper online and saw an article about a man who was arrested for drunk driving -- and his string of such arrests is reportedly a long one. I was incensed -- until I got to the name and realized I know him. And then I was just so sad.

Pictures & Dusty Old Trunks & Holden Update!

Good Morning and Happy Week to All! Just a couple of pictures to share, some additional training thoughts, and later -- a Holden Squeaker update...


I think ZZeke and Harper B are twins! Here is Barb's update about Zeke's week...

Different & Pictures/Names & Mesa Update & Special Guests!

I believe in the ability of people to change, and to let go of their past and be who they want to be -- to be that person that they were born to be. The past is not quick sand -- we can choose to get out of it -- and yes, it is a choice.

Spam A Lot, Updates

I may never buy UGGs just because I am tired of getting up and having to spend time deleting the spam ads for UGG boots and designer purses!!! I have no idea how they get past that word verification -- I will have to chat with Galen about this again. I have intentionally not included ads on this site so it is NOT my favorite to be invaded by Spam!!!


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