February 2012

Another Favorite Day

Today is Harper B's Favorite Day!!!! And she will be blogging about it all Favorite Day long...

Tracking Stuff and Heidi Heidi Kai Update!

I want to start with this beautiful picture of Barb and Maddie -- Maddie is Halo's daughter and Zoey's littermate from the F Litter...

Karma! Lainey!

Overheard conversations...

A Good Read & Odds and Ends & Holden Update!

Thanks to Lisa for reminding me to look at Susan Garrett's Blog -- this is a very, very good one:

ZZeke Update -- CUTE!!!!!

Thank you to Barb who sends our weekly report on ZZeke, who appears to be Harper B's twin! Here is Barb's report:

Charts! Boxes! Mesa! Karma vs. Harper!

Let's start with the important stuff:

Auggie Austin Update!

Thanks to Lois for being willing to switch days with Harper B! Here is her report of the very adorable Auggie!!!

A Switch

Can you guess what day it is today?

Updates Galore

Our webmaster, Galen, has been hindered in his efforts to finish up the pet loss site by a vicious infected tooth issue. However, he is on the mend and the site is almost done -- hopefully it will be ready for some of you to de-bug in a few days.


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