March 2012

Decisions, Decisions, Randomness, Auggie

Love your comments! Thank you for taking the time to comment :) My Comments: Thank You, *grumbling about thinning shears*, More Thank You.

Drama-free (or What I Really Mean is...)

Last night I was at an interprofessional seminar/discussion and the psychiatrist said something that really resonated with me -- basically she said that behavior is always communication.

Tooth News! Double Dose Wednesday!

I am pleased to report that Harper has lost her tooth! And I mean "lost" because even if I had a little box of teeth, I could not add this one since I have no idea where it is -- I need Logan to come over with his sharp eyes and find it!

Lainey Update! Zaida Picture! Movie Star!

We start with our update from Cindy about Lainey Pippi...

Catch Up and More Weekend Photos

We start with our Auggie Update -- thank you, Auggie and Lois!

Interim Post

I am staying with Paula and she is trying to remember the password for her wireless router and when she does I will have great pics to share - probably tonight!


Where did the week go?!

Double Dose Wednesday & Monsters & Puppy Love Train

This week we get our double dose of cuteness from Kristine:

Ruben + Lainey

The Blog is acting possessed today -- not cool when I have a busy day! But I will try yet again! Hopefully this is a show photo of Ruben Hudson from the Glitterati -- thanks to Kay and Sue for sending!


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