March 2012

More on Five Months & So On & Holden!

I hope that everyone is adjusting to Spring forward -- I appreciate that I now get up at 4:40, which is practically sleeping in!

Five Months Old! Zeke! Stacked!

Happy Five Month Birthday to our Plumpies! In honor of five whole months of life, I want to share some never before seen pictures -- these were taken at the vet's office with a phone camera as Syd was delivering puppies....

Mesa Update & The Red Ball

Thanks to Alex for sending this update!

Bad Karma

Harper B was doing great until Karma waltzed in the bedroom and for some reason known only to her started to meow!

An Early Start

Gee -- look at this -- when you get up at 3:00 a.m. and insist everyone else does also -- by 5:00 a.m. you are settling in for a nap in your favorite hide-out.... lucky for you I didn't drag your noisy, furry butt to the van this morning so you could bark and howl to your heart's content!!!!

Gratitude and Pictures AND Double Dose Wednesday!

Losing Mrs. Maize has been additional lessons on grief and bereavement -- some day I will share them but it is not the right time yet. However, I am reminded of the need to extend grace to those who are grieving -- the Little Soldiers are doing their best but are spread thin.

The Power of Blog & Lainey Update

Never in a million years did I imagine I would be one of those Bloggers -- who would be interested in what I have to say?! And there is a strangeness about sending your thoughts out into cyberspace and trusting that they will be understood. But here we are -- over three years later -- still Blogging.

More News! Holden Update! Good-bye Spam!

It was a busy weekend for Kaibab dogs!

Alex and Mesa! ZZeke! NEWS FLASH!

Okay, we start off Sunday with this picture of Alex and Mesa -- thanks Jennifer!!!!

Flitters! Milestone! Mesa!!!

Happy Weekend to you!! We start off with some pictures from F Litter dogs -- parents are Halo and Zack, and both Zoey and Zed (dad of the H Litter) are F Litter puppies...


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