April 2012

Songs in My Head. Camp Kaibab. Waiting is Over! Holden!

So far I have just ONE picture to share from the party -- it was from Vic -- not John -- with the subject, "more" but that was an evil trick as it was the only picture I received. What else does John have to do but edit and send pictures to me??? ;) Here is the one:

Cover Girl! Terri's G-Puppy! Zeke!

I have not received my Alpenhorn yet (it travels to Montana by Bison Express, I am thinking) but it must be out since Barb mentioned she got hers. Therefore, at long last I can share the cover with you all!

Deadlines + Other Stuff + Mesa

Deadlines are so helpful! First, they remind us that all things come to end -- and all of us can do about anything for a short amount of time. Second, they help us prioritize what needs to be moved to the front burner, so to speak. And third, they are extremely motivating -- to me, at least.  I find it hard to get too serious about things with no deadline -- probably because all those things with deadlines get in the way.

Warning Label, OOPS, Auggie

As I walked out of the show motel on Sunday I heard a dog yelp -- oh, just another one of our four-legged friend being hurt in the name of training.

Potpourri of Stuff + Harper B + Little Soldiers

Last night I was again at the (health care) interprofessional seminar I attend as a faculty member and guess what we discussed?! Medical errors -- only we do not call them that -- the politically correct term is "unanticipated outcomes". Fascinating stuff -- and once again, my life with dogs and my professional life intersected -- at least in my mind.

Another WTH?! And Babies (later). And a Response

One of my former neighbors from Utah announced on Facebook that she was going to inform her husband that she wanted Baby #3 n.o.w. -- I just laughed at that, and thought about how grief does interesting things in a person's life -- including prompting them to lose the birth control and plan a new life (literally).

A Double-Dog Dare & Lainey & A Birthday

CA Heidi has raised some excellent points recently that reflects her experience in the area of human medicine -- for example, the importance of being open to questions, and the M & M concept. And I appreciate so much all your emails and comments -- the fact that this is helping in any way is why I keep writing about it.

Lesson In Progress & Holden Update

The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don't play together, the club won't be worth a dime. (Babe Ruth)

Showing Up & Getting Home

Yesterday as I drove to the show I kept thinking about what a different experience I was having traveling to a show than Marti. The trip from Stevensville, Montana to Lewiston, Idaho is just over 200 miles -- and almost all of it is along one river or another. It is also a trip through mountains, and I saw more deer than cars through about 100 miles of it.


Okay -- just spent an hour writing another Lesson and it disappeared -- I will take that as a sign that I need to think about it some more... In the meantime, we have our Zeke update!


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