June 2012

AKC & Reporting & Mesa & A Cat

Greetings from western Montana where the cool morning and lovely view invite the promise of a great day...

Thoughts, As Usual... & A PICTURE!

Sometimes I forget that not everyone has the same experience and knowledge and skills that I do -- it seems so ordinary and "normal" to me that I fail to see that all those things have been learned and acquired. Humility is important but so is acknowledging that one has certain expertise because otherwise we create unrealistic expectations of other people.

Catch-Up & Family Pictures & Harper B

Okay -- it is catch-up day! First we have all the plumpie updates, and then a few other pictures -- later I will add some pictures of Harper B since it is her day today and she has been sorely neglected lately...


As Marti noted, dog shows are not unique in bringing together large groups of desperate people to the mingle and feed off each other. The handlers need clients to live, and owners need to feel important -- it is a symbiotic relationship that works for all involved. And for those of us who are watching it all -- well, it is both a fascinating study in human behavior/interactions and a bit of a freak show -- in other words, highly entertaining!

Tuesday & The First in a Series & Pictures

The state of the Blog reflects something important -- thinking/writing is one of those things best done in solitude and with minimal distractions -- obviously that has not been the case for the past 2.5 weeks. Instead we have enjoyed friends and showing dogs -- all things in their season, I suppose.


I will catch up on Plumpie Updates soon -- it is very, very hectic here as you can imagine. We show again today and then the Graffunders head home -- we will be sad to see them go :(

A Tender Start to the Day & A Good Ending

All company arrived safely and the number of Kaibab dogs in Montana has increased in anticipation of the Missoula shows, which start today. But before I start on that, I wanted to write about something else that is happening today -- something so many experience but we too often do not recognize.

Tied with Ruben! And So On.

Sydney picked up another point today so is now in the position as her littermate, Ruben - each needs a major to finish and there are majors expected in Missoula. So tomorrow is frantic cleaning day and then we start the three days of Missoula on Sunday.

Connection & Attachment & Pictures

Recently I completed an article for Show Sight magazine on Life with Bernese Mountain Dogs; thank you to Karyn Beyer for asking me to write that particular article, which was one of three requested by the magazine. Anyway, I spent much time thinking about what to include that would realistically portray life with berners for the audience (show people primarily), and so our discussion yesterday is rather timely.

Let Double-Dose Wednesday Begin! A REAL Double-Dose!

Today and tomorrow are the remaining "rest" days before we begin four more days of shows -- Friday in Great Falls and then Sunday, Monday and Tuesday in Missoula. On Saturday we will welcome more company to Camp Montana, and increase the number of Kaibab dogs showing to six!


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