July 2012

Belated B-Day Pics. Training Thoughts. Lainey Pippi!

I was a little concerned when I did not hear back from Aspen Green's family on her 12th birthday -- and they were concerned when they did not hear back from me after sending pictures! So somewhere out in cyberspace is their original email, which never arrived in Montana -- but at long last we have the pictures from CH Aspen Green Beauty Queen's 12th birthday party :)

Boy Pictures! Purna. VST News.

Holden wanted his update done early so let's get to it!

Sunday! Zimmerman Zeke L. Pictures.

Here is a summary of my Sunday so far: VST tracks, hike with Syd and Galen while tracks aged, back to run VST tracks, Cleaning, Cleaning, More Cleaning! Oh - and now waiting for the guests to arrive :) In the meantime, let's catch up with Zimmerman Zeke LeTourneau...

Betrayal (aka Cancer Sucks). Auggie! Magical Pictures!

Recently Galen got a tattoo. He has been wanting one for a LONG time but I have always felt that the job of a parent is to protect the future adult from the 18 year version of that future adult. And so I said this: "If you choose to get a tattoo anytime in the next six months, you will need to move out -- your choice."

Grief, Suffering & Scattering. Pieces of Harper B.

Last night I finished teaching my summer grief class. One of the best things about teaching is that you are continually learning -- it might seem paradoxical, but the best way to stay a lifelong student is to be a professor/teacher.

Montana Morning & Busy Families

Mornings are the best part of a day, I think. First of all, the day is still filled with hope -- all kinds of good things can happen! Second, it is cool and quiet and just perfect for those of us who enjoy solitude while the rest of the world (including Dear Husband) sleeps.

Elbows and Kindness and Lainey

Happy Tuesday! I am especially happy because I just finished a BIG project that I have been working on for weeks and weeks -- and now I can turn my attention to finishing a couple of other things before I stop all work-related things for a full three weeks to ensure I actually have somewhat of a vacation before school starts again. It is a good feeling to accomplish things, isn't it?

The Vulnerability of Animals, Pictures & HOLDEN

The week after Cadi died, I ran over a dog. There was nothing I could do -- I was driving maybe 20 mph and something had obviously spooked her and she raced from a behind a building with all the speed of a mini-aussie right in front of my car.


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