August 2012

Art and Friday and Auggie!

Friday of the first week of classes -- oh my.

Choices and Smoking And Harper bPerfect!

Shortly after my mom died of cancer I had to ask a friend never to smoke around me. In fact, I was livid about his smoking -- because here he was just tempting cancer as if it were nothing at all while my mom, whose only vice was chocolate, was dead at age 45 of something she didn't deserve.

Blog Writing & Training & DDW & Grief

Evelyn's comment from yesterday -- and private emails I get -- prompt me to reflect on the meaning of a Blog. It is actually a strange thing to write a blog -- to put some of your Inside Self out there for others to consider -- and it is not something I ever imagined doing, to be honest.

Fun Thoughts & Lainey's New Baby & Excitement in the Mail

This whole idea about fun has really colored -- and clarified -- my observations and experiences, and not just about dog events. However, I was struck with something -- as usual -- at the dog show...

The F Word & Updates!

I know we have plumpie updates to get to -- and we will! But I drove over 1,000 miles this weekend so had lots of time to think -- and you know what that means! Thoughts.... (Thanks to Lisa K for these excellent photos!)

Sunday. Home. Weaves.

Another four point major for Asia! Lots of pictures to share but for tonight here is Zoey -- thanks to Lisa K for the awesome pictures...


It always amazes me that I can be at a show all day and two things I want to do happen at the exact same time - happened again today so no jumpers run for Zoey.

Zoom! And Auggie & NEW PUPPY!!!!

Going from vacation to a four day work week is all a bit much -- I needed a slower transition but apparently my need was not relevant in planning this week - I wish Queen Auntie Heidi would work on that! Anyway, more orientation stuff today and then home to bathe Asia before packing up dogs and heading west to Seattle.

Illumination! It's Official! Harper B for bFUN

You know how some things just hit you with a ton of insight? That is what yesterday's Blog did for me. It allowed me to clearly articulate - if only to myself -- my philosophy about training. Further, it identified a dichotomy that helps explain the significant difference, in my mind, between trainers who rely on dominance-based methods and those who don't.

The Beauty Queen & Double Dose & Answer Choices

Tiffany sent these pictures from last night of 12+ year old CH Aspen Green, Beauty Queen - she is from our A Litter...


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