September 2012

Hard Topic & Zimmerman Zeke (aka Easy Topic) & SURPRISE!

Guess what we need to talk about? Death. It happens. It is awful. And why it happened matters.

Who's Your Daddy? Mesa! bPresent!

The decision to breed one of the girls is layered in complexities -- so many things must be considered and at the exact same time. It is a war between the search for perfection and the need to compromise, and the battleground is your head -- but any casualties will hit the hearts of everyone involved.


My girls really like to mess up my plans, that is what I have to say about all of this. I was not expecting Zoey in season until at least November but Asia has shorter cycles and she is also in season so must have again brought Zoey in -- I expect Sydney to follow suit at any moment.

Galen & Karsten! NEWS FLASH

You will not believe this but something VERY exciting happened at our house yesterday -- in addition to the fancy new collar delivered by the terrorist UPS Guy, look who else showed up...

More on Tough Subjects & Pictures & Updates

In the comments of yesterday, Shonda shared the reason she walks around with a shattered heart and in doing so, illustrated for me things I want to share this morning. But first -- and related -- I must express my deepest sorrow to Shonda, who suffered such loss and betrayal :(

Holden & Hold On

Toby had a busy day yesterday and so sent the update late last night -- and I had a busy day today so am posting late but I am sure you will agree that the pictures are worth the wait...

Monday Catch-up

Happy Monday! I hope everyone is starting the week well -- we need to catch up today and will start with these pictures of Cousin Jumar from Helena, sent last night by his dad...


The nice thing about showing early is that you get home early -- we are already home and it is just 1:30!  It was Cousin Jumar's day to be Winner's Dog -- yea for him! Asia was again Best of Opposite and we did not show Syd. More later...

Saturday Report & Today's Pictures

A repeat - Cooper Best of Winners, Jumar Reserve. Asia Best of Opposite and Sydney was Select. Best news - Cute Halo got her Rally Excellent title and had a great time as the only berner veteran :) Now we are hanging out waiting for the veteran groups...

Friday News & Pictures

Cooper Best of Winners and Best Bred-by ( in Berners - still have bred-by group to do). Jumar Reserve. Asia Best of Opposite and Select for Syd. No performance events today except a match later. So a very good day!


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