October 2012

Brace Yourself

From John and Kristine: "....And then there were three..."

Just Some News

Just some news -- good so far...

Pictures & An Exciting Start to the Day

I hope all members of our Blog community who are in the path of Sandy are hunkered down with adequate provisions -- many good thoughts on your behalf. Be safe.

CH Zaida CD Woo Hoo

We start off the day with this happy picture of Barb and Zaida!

iPups Update & News Flash! & VIDEO

Before we start talking iPups, here is a cute picture of Aspen Green with her cat, Cuddles...


Seven months ago today Cadi left us abruptly, creating a jagged hole in the tapestry of my soul. Seven months since I saw that familiar face, felt her head on my leg as I typed, looked into those dark, intelligent eyes. There are still tears to cry but the grief is softer, and that is what happens with the passage of time.

Kute Karsten Update

It does not dimish the importance of a loss to also acknowledge the joy of a new life -- and so we celebrate Karsten! Jennifer Z sent pictures and updates in several emails and I am not sure I have them in order but I did my best :) No matter how we look at it -- Karsten had an amazingly fun week :)


A preview!

Kuteness Alert & Surprise!

More pictures from the weekend...


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