November 2012

Secret Santa

Here again are the details of the Secret Sanat adventure - I hope you will join us! Nothing fancy -- just fun :)

Karsten! Invitation!

You will not believe how much our Karsten has grown -- we have great pictures of him from Jennifer Z this week!

Thoughts and a Question

One of the blessings of my life was working with Dr. Joan on the development and implementation of a pediatric palliative care program at a regional pediatric hospital in Utah. Not only did I love my team and all the families who gifted me with their experiences, but I learned so many things that inform my personal life, my life as an academic -- and my life with dogs.


Finally finished my writing project -- but I have no words left to spare for today! So just some pictures...

Sunday Briefly

Still writing but look at what we have (swiped from Facebook):

Saturday Briefly

Busy on a writing project but wanted to share these two pictures -- first is one I took this morning...

Birthday Continued, Pictures & Karsten

Black Friday -- at our house, that will refer to the dog fur on the rugs! You could not pay me to go shopping today -- I like other kind of adventures :)

A Special Day!

Just guess what today is!!!!!!! Yes, we know it is Thanksgiving (Happy Thanksgiving to the Americans!) but what else?!

A Birthday, A "Naughty" Boy, A Video

Let's start with the birthday -- today Colorado Barb celebrates another birthday!!! And thank goodness for that!!! On Heidi Sr's behalf, I challenge Barb to outdo Heidi Sr's birthday photo! Get busy, Barb! And have a terrific birthday!

CH Ruben Pictures

Sue sent a couple of pictures she took of new champion, Ruben...


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