December 2012

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2012 -- two versions...

Just Fun from Facebook

This is a real, true-life picture of a grown-up who knows how to have serious fun...

What's Your Story?

I woke up thinking about Narrative Theory, which is a strange thing to wake up to, I suppose -- but I did. Narrative Theory is all about the stories we tell ourselves and others, and basically suggests that the way to change ourselves is to change the stories we tell. I believe this.

New Baby!

Tomorrow I am meeting Jennifer G in Spokane for the Mesa L hand off. We will miss her -- Mesa is a sweetheart and very easy to have around. Galen thinks we should keep sweet Mesa who looks just like his beloved Sydney and is calm and nice -- and instead send Harper B for Busy and Wild to Jennifer ;)

Catch Up

Pictures and so on...

Santas, Santas Everywhere!

Merry Christmas to everyone -- I hope it is a lovely day for you and your family. Our Blog community is going to get your day started with a smile -- trust me on this one. We have more Secret Santa reports to share :)

Secret Santa Reports

You will -- no doubt -- be fascinated to know that from Val's house to mine is about 940 miles and takes just under 14 hours. Yes, we are home safe and sound in time for Christmas! Galen, Tanner, and Jake are all asleep downstairs -- no doubt gearing up for an exciting day of baking and the annual Christmas Eve viewing of It's a Wonderful Life.


Yesterday was a day of amazement -- and not just for Zoey. It started with a spectacular sunrise over Wyoming...

A Christmas Miracle

In a stunning reversal of fate, the very experienced and kind CSU cardiologist has declared that Zoey has the heart of an athlete - a perfectly normal heart for a dog who is as fit and active as Zoey. She carefully reviewed all records, did very advanced testing and is as sure as humanly possible that Zoey is fine. I do not even know what to say - except maybe thank you to the Universe.

Live from Casper

Yesterday Zoey, Sydney, and I drove across Montana and then south through Wyoming, stopping in very windy Casper for the night; this morning we will finish our drive to Ft. Collins for Zoey's cardiology appointment and a visit with Aspen Green, and then onto to Aurora to Val's house.


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