January 2013

Training for Team Zaida, Photos

The Blog community is full of comedians -- and wine drinkers apparently! But no, Barb will not be sitting ringside at the Specialty draft test sipping on a lovely Gewürztraminer or perhaps the legendary Big Red from Hop Kiln Winery while I show her dog!!


This is not great news but it is news. Sydney is not pregnant. Given that things did not exactly go per the textbook, so to speak, and with the holidays getting in the way of optimal timing, this is not a complete surprise but it is disappointing. What next?

Ready Set ... Train

The first obedience show I ever watched included a berner who looked as if she would have rather been walking over hot coals than in that ring -- then again, so did the owner. I said to myself, "Self -- we will NEVER show a dog that looks so unhappy."

Regular Programming

And now we are back to our usual mix of updates and training stuff and so on! Today we have a Karsten update and also check in with Auggie, but I first wanted to clarify something about training that I think confuses people.

DONE! And Pictures...

Yippee! I sent the chapters off and now the ball is in their (the publisher's) court -- what a relief to have that done!


I have a couple of updates to add later but I have received worried emails, as if my silence is so shocking that it a sure sign of disaster -- hmmmm.... Anyway, sorry and thank you for the concern :)

Places To Go

I looked out the window and saw this motley crew walking through the weave poles and across the snow-covered lawn and then down the driveway...

Taking The Long Road

Lisa K gave Harper B for Bowl Issues a non-skidding metal bowl that allows her to eat out of a metal bowl without it turning scary; it has worked like a charm.

Odds and Ends

The first thing I wanted to mention is that there is a study at Washington State University (WSU) for dogs with Lymphoma. They are exploring ways to test an individual's response to four chemo drugs utilizing just one lymph node. The study is a collaborative effort with a prestigious human cancer center in Washington so has the potential to benefits humans and dogs.


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