February 2013

A Case of Mistaken Identity

Poor Sydney -- her state of hormonal confusion continues. The more she loves Baby Pirate Chicken, the more the other girls covet what is clearly a highly desired treasure. An interesting life lesson -- to one a toy, to another a treasured baby (hmmm -- kind of like one of our sons ;).

Montana Happenings

Asia is a little worried that you will think badly of her just because she sometimes (okay -- several times a day) gets annoyed with her pesky little sister so she wanted me to make sure and share this picture, even though it is a bit blurry...

Specialty Stuff & Afternoon Pics & Aspen Update

Barb wants to get a head count for those who would like to sit at a reserved table at the Specialty Awards Banquet so let's talk Specialty for a paragraph or two...

Knock, Knock & Training Pictures & Vacuuming Pictures

Happy Sunday! Look who was knocking on one of our trees -- I snuck out in my pj's to get this picture :)

A Delivery & Baby Daddy & Heart Montana

Sydney has been working on a hole for over a week and so I actually had her x-rayed to ensure that she was not pregnant with a puppy or two; she wasn't. However, that did not stop her from having a baby!

Aspen, Karma, Lemmings

Let's start our day off with an update on our Miracle Girl, Aspen Green Keeps on Chugging Machine...


Like you, I live in different worlds. For example, I am among a small population who actually does live in the Ivory Tower of Academics. This is a mysterious world to people on the outside, but it is normal life for me. I also live in the Dog World, and specifically I live in the small world of Bernese Mountain Dog Breeders. I suspect that seems equally mysterious from the outside; my goal today is to make it slightly less so.

Three Things + Aspen Update + Snoozers

First, Alison sent a link to a most excellent TED talk that is related to our critical thinking theme; it includes a transcript if you do not have time to watch it. WA Barb -- I think you will especially appreciate it but I offer it as something worth thinking about for all of us: http://www.ted.com/talks/barry_schwartz_on_our_loss_of_wisdom.html

Monday, Monday

We are trained from childhood to engage in a critical thinking error: Relying on Authority. How many times were you told, "Because I said so"? Children are typically not encouraged to question authority, and without judging whether that is good or bad, I simply submit that it trains us to accept knowledge as true/accurate when provided by an authority.

Just Stuff!

Today will be a mish mash of various things -- training, the first of a series in critical thinking, breeding stuff, and hopefully a show update...


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