February 2013

Counting & a Pink Ball & Lunches

I feel as if I am in my own personal period of Lent -- a period of solemn, even penitential, reflection leading up to March 26. The day before will be my own personal Good Friday, as I remember all that happened as Cadi needlessly suffered.


We have two fun updates today! First is Karsten...

Unconditional Love

Happy Valentine's Day! As mentioned, we have a day of photos depicting Unconditional Love -- thank you to everyone who sent such wonderfully sweet pictures! It is not too late to send yours :) Let's get started with Aspen Green...

Aspen & Training Stuff & Cuteness

Let's start with the good stuff! Tiffany sent several updates yesterday, including the info that Aspen had 2 paninis for lunch -- hers and Tiffany's :) Last night Tiffany reported that Aspen, "...had an amazing day! Turned down tofu and rice and a plethora of other things for dinner....but eventually decided she fancied hot dogs, so she ate 5 of them!"

A Bee in Her Bonnet & A Challenge

No doubt influenced by Lisa K's propensity to decorate her dogs, CO Barb (henceforth known as Barbz) got it in her head to experiment with hats -- on dogs! First up is Zaida (G Litter)...

Aspen Green & Choice

Yesterday I got a series of entertaining videos related to Aspen Green's choices about food, and let me just say she is not subtle!


Yesterday Galen posted something on Facebook that strikes me as the true title of today's Blog: Juxtaposition is the Language of God. I am not sure if that is a quote from someone else or not -- but I cannot get that out of my head and heart this morning...

Aspen Green Update & Harper's Favorite Friends

I asked Tiffany to share the latest on Aspen Green Beauty Queen, and here is her report:

Lessons -- or Not

I blame it on my childhood.

More of This, That and the Other

Let's start by finishing yesterday with this update from Cindy and Lainey:


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