February 2013

This and That

We begin today by wishing Cindy H. a very, very Happy Birthday!!!!! Cindy is one of the Best People Ever, and I send a big birthday hug to my wonderful friend/adopted sister.  Cindy -- please send your birthday crown pictures!

A Tough Assignment & Super Bowl Fan & Show News

Tiffany shares that Aspen Green's appetite seems to be heading south -- way south. It is never a good sign when a Berner does not want to eat. This is a post in honor of Aspen -- and Tiffany, who can't stop the endless tears and is bracing for her turn on the hard bench in that Dark Place we know as grief.

Pictures & News

Good luck to Heidi Heidi who is showing today in Fresno. We are enjoying a lovely day here in western Montana...

Brain Picking

Aspen Green Beauty Queen No Spleen Liver Not Keen (from our A Litter) is having some health issues. I asked Tiffany for a summary to solicit ideas, referrals, thoughts, support, etc. and here is her report on 12.5 year old Aspen...


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