March 2013

Lessons & News & Easter Berners

Easter, like Spring, reminds us of the need for hope and faith when we find ourselves in the Dark Places of our lives. Winter, however cold, dark and long it seems, always ends -- and it ends with a colorful, happy party.

Specialty Stuff

Today is the last day to register for the Specialty! Registering is like entering the Specialty for the humans -- the actual entering of the dogs doesn't close until April 17.

A Smattering of Stuff

Happy Friday Everyone! Today we have some fun pictures to share -- we will start with Auggie (H Litter)...

A Wrapping Up, A Legacy

Yesterday Halo and I arrived home from her chemo treatment to find a big package all the way from Iowa -- fun! When I opened it, I was rendered speechless, which is no easy feat.

Fun Stuff & More Fun Stuff

The middle keys on my laptop are sticky so if a word looks funny, try inserting an h, j, k, or l and see what you get!

The New Rule (proposed)

There is something final about a one year death anniversary -- it means that all the "firsts" are over. Every significant date has already been tackled once, and it won't have the impact of newness the next time the calendar lands on it. It feels like a day to take a big sigh representing some collection of emotions that I cannot really name.

Today has Arrived

I have been filled with dread about this day -- but maybe I did enough anticipatory dreading because I feel some relief that I am here again on March 25 and not completely leveled. In fact, I think that I might even be okay. Let's just rest our minds and hearts on Cadi for a minute -- and be glad that she lived...

Storm Warning

The dark cloud of a Death Anniversary has been covering the sky for weeks now, and I feel the heaviness of what I know will be a torrential downpour -- and outpour. Tomorrow will be one year since the most horrible, haunting hours of my life started. The next day will be one year since my beloved Cadi's life was ended -- and my heart shattered. Brace yourself.

Old Ladies Day

Halo at ten years, five months and three days :)


Waiting for a girl to come in season is rather annoying, to be honest. There is no way to know what is safe and what isn't beyond about 11 days from now and how does one plan when there is an 11 day limit?


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