April 2013

An Angel's Gift

I am certain that many tears have been cried for Aspen Green, and that many more will be shed. Aspen settled into the hearts of many and so her loss is a shared one. We cry for Aspen and we cry for the Greens -- and those tears reflect grief, of course, but also compassion, empathy, and just a basic humanity that I honor in each one of you.

Update, Prayers Needed

Aspen Green had an acute change a few minutes ago and Tiffany raced her to the vet; Patrick is meeting her there. She has just arrived. I think Aspen's family needs collective good thoughts this morning.

A Gentle Sunday & Growth (wow) & Karsten & Pictures

Toby did not see the birthday crown mandate until this morning and says she could not locate her tiara so she resorted to an early morning picture with Holden's crown! What a good sport!!!!!!

Catch-Up & Kai

You will be excited to hear that we are expecting a super fun birthday crown picture today - today is Toby's birthday!!!! I think she will know what that means -- consult Barbz or Lisa K for advice if needed :) Happy Birthday Toby!!!!!

2020 Miles/48 Hours

Two round trips to/from Seattle and two breedings are done. Was asleep at a rest stop when my phone started ringing someplace in the van this morning - Barbz couldn't sing so she played alarm clock! Exhausted but met all obligations in the past few days plus safely did the travel - success, we hope! TGIF!

D Litter Veterans & etc.

A quick Birthday SHOUT OUT to the D Litter (Zack x Maize) who are veterans today...

Specialty and So On

In order to get going on the master list of who is doing what, how about if you share what your Specialty entries are, either in the Comments or email? Also, how about an Aspen update, Tiffany?

Seasons & Weight, Weight - Don't Tell Me!

Lovely weekend!!! Beautiful!!!! Outdoor grooming, sun, etc. And this morning -- this...

Sunday -- and Sweetness

Sunday is starting off with a laugh -- this is from Tiffany:

Aspen Green & Murphy Updates

I do not think there is ever a point in life where we have to give up or stop hoping. Rather, I think we receive continual invitations to transform our hopes, and journey down new paths. The trick, I suppose, is to recognize when one party is winding down and the next invitation is in the mail, so to speak.


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