May 2013

All About Me (n.o.t.)

Sometimes I find this absolutely shocking but it does appear to be true that other people are not obligated to be prepared at all times to deal with my emotional needs - can you even believe that?! Further, other people might even have emotional needs of their own!!!!! How inconsiderate!


I appreciate all the thoughtful -- and touching -- comments yesterday. Well, I appreciate comments of all types any day but I wanted to specifically follow-up from yesterday.

In Shades of Gray

I have always loved Harper B but I find myself in a new state of love/affection for her in the past few months. I think a lot about why that is, and I have two theories. First, I think who and what she is has decidedly declared itself given her age and stage of development, and I just really, really think she is an awesome girl. Second, we have been doing more training and I think the working partnership forges a connection that creates something different and "more".


Let's start the day with a smile -- here are the Junior Heintzbergers!

Pregnancy Thoughts and etc.; Draft Update

Information can be paralyzing if we allow it, especially if we do not pay attention to relative risk. Just because something has a risk doesn't mean we should avoid it, especially if the risk is very low and the potential benefits are high (i.e., medications). On the other hand, if we can reasonably avoid risk and do not require the benefits -- even if the risk is quite low -- well, why not do it?

Heart Montana

Harper B for Bestie had a busy and favorite day yesterday. In addition to learning about draft, we also went tracking at her favorite place...

Make Mine a Draft

Harper B turns two on October 11, and my intention is to have her ready for the first available draft test within reasonable driving distance after that date; a dog must be two to enter a BMDCA draft test. This is the first of a series about Harper B's draft training -- my hope is that it will be both useful to others, and also generate thoughts/ideas/discussion about how we go about training a draft dog.


When I woke up the digital clock in the bedroom showed exactly 5:24 and since the date is 5/24 AND it is my birthday, I knew that was a good sign! I had a head's up that it is going to be a great year last night when I finally was able to capture one of the elusive Bluebirds of Happiness I see occasionally -- in a picture, of course!

High Points

It would be challenging for me to list everyone's accomplishments at the Specialty, and I would no doubt forget something so best just to invite any/all to share the high points of their Specialty adventure in the comments. In fact, as I think about it I am not sure I can accurately list my own high points -- but I will try.

First Specialty Report & Pics

Specialties are hard to describe because they are not just one thing, and some of the ways I would describe a Specialty seem to conflict with each other. For example, Specialties are exhausting, unsettling -- and FUN. How do those things fit together? This is the first in what I suspect will be a series on the Specialty...


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