June 2013

Sunday iPups

Poor Barbz ran into my inflexible commitment to Zoey and her iPups yesterday. She and her DH stopped by to pick up Zeke and Zaida, who had spent a very boring week with us, and I resisted all her best efforts to visit the iPups -- and she is hard to resist!!!!

From the Whelping Box

I was in the middle of a dream when the knock on the bedroom door came -- it was 2:00 a.m. and my turn to sit up with the babies.

Cuteness Alert

Let's just get right to the pictures -- this morning is all about the boys...

Showered with Love & Girls

Let's start with a collective AAAAHHHHHHHHH...

The Recap & Moving On in Pictures

Anyone who has hearts, rainbows and butterflies floating over their head when imagining having a litter of puppies needs some new medication -- or to have spent Monday/Tuesday here with us. When you have to watch a girl you love say say hello and good-bye to her baby, so recently living inside of her and now still and not breathing -- well, the illusions vanish in a big fat hurry.

Blog Guest Writer: Tiffany

Want to start off by thanking you all for the comments and well-wishes throughout the night. Admittedly, we were so busy with Zoey and the iPups that I just sat down to read them. Our apologies for not posting pictures sooner but we never had time to download them to the computer or post them. Riley did most of the updates through the night for us as we were crazy busy. When not working with Zoey we were helping puppies (clean them, weigh them, get them nursing, etc.). I'm sure Mary-Ann will be posting more as things calm down!

iPups Have Been Launched!

OH MY HECK -- what a wild night. So far we have five boys and three girls with at least one more to go. More soon but here is your HELLO WORLD pic...

Update Area

I am starting this new page just for updates in the Comments by Heidi and/or Tiffany -- the race is close. Tiffany/Riley are on Reserve Street in Missoula -- maybe 40 minutes out. Zoey is in very early pushing and progressing within normal limits. Think good thoughts for all!

Update: GREENS WON!!!!

Launch Day

No iPups yet - restless, panting Zoey on the monitor now (5:30 a.m.). After hours of delays, Tiffany and Riley's flight got canceled -- a terrible 11 hours for them, and they are hugely disappointed because there appear to be no flights out today :( Still trying to assimilate all this information and figure out what it mean but need to wake up more first.

iPup Launch Tomorrow & Updates

I think we have a Launch Date!


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