July 2013

Just iPup Stuff & A Very Busy iPup Day

Today is going to be yet another busy day here in Puppy Paradise, with more visitors stopping by this afternoon. Even though we tend to be private people who do not entertain much, the need to socialize puppies trumps everything and so we especially welcome/encourage visitors during this critical socialization period.

FIVE WEEKS OLD & Invitation

When raising a litter of puppies, it helps to be smarter than them -- sigh - another fail!

New Digs & Fun

Yesterday was a busy day -- Galen came over to play with puppies and visit the other dogs, especially Sydney...

Boundaries and Puppies

I am thinking of doing some vague-blogging -- this would be similar to vague-booking, which is what a person does on Facebook when they post things designed to start a chase. For example -- "oh, I cannot take it anymore" or "it just isn't worth it anymore" -- and then friends start all the worried posts asking what is wrong and etc. and etc. Drama.

More Observations & Pictures

Last night Favorite Auntie came over to help with the arduous task of puppy socialization, and to let Themself have a play date.

Thoughts About Grief Support & Reasons to Smile

I think about Marti and Fiona, and I feel that familiar gutted sense, as if my insides have been hollowed out and my heart is spread in a million pieces around me. It is always a tragedy when we lose someone we love but there is something evil and awful when the loss seems "too young" -- and I am back to Cadi, bracing for the too familiar waves of despair that I know are going to crash over me.

Pictures & Farewell

Morning Pictures...

From Under the Rainbow

Part of being a community means we have expanded connections, especially in this age of the Internet. This means that we have more joy to share -- and more losses to grieve. I am sorry to share that Lori S. lost her boy, Murphy, to a particularly aggressive T-cell Lymphoma. Murphy, a rescue Berner from BARC, was a well-loved sweet and wonderful boy that many of us met at the Specialty -- much sorrow for him and for Lori.

A Sliver of Real -- Just Kidding! Four Weeks Old!

For the record, I actually have things in my life besides dogs -- this morning (and tomorrow morning), for example, I am doing a webinar about grief, and this summer I have been teaching three -- primarily online -- summer school courses. And there is family, friends, research and so on. But this is a dog blog, and so that is the part of my life that you see -- but that doesn't mean it is my whole life.

OUCH & Christened Tunnel & Pics & Boys

Today we had another milestone already and it is not my favorite :(


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