August 2013

Good Morning & NEWS FLASH & Assigned Reading

I slept in until almost 5:30 a.m. -- woo hoo! I made my way to the kitchen with Harper B running around squeaking a toy, Zoey in hot pursuit of Harper, Asia trying unsuccessfully not to bark and Sydney doing whatever she wanted -- barking, running off with a shoe, etc. Just imagine chaos -- and layer a happy, wiggly puppy on top of that -- plus hungry cats.

The Name Game

The PPKS continues to be in FNU status -- that is, according to Elizabethanne, First Name Unknown. At the end of every day, having gone through yet another series of unsuccessful name trials, I am ready to give up and let her be Sparkle. But then I get up with renewed energy and hope each morning and resume the search -- certain her real name will come to me.

iPup Update: Ava LaPine

We have our second update -- this is from Kathy about Ava, the puppy previously known as Pixie...

PPKS's Big Day

The Puppy Presently Known as Sparkle (PPKS) is going to have an exciting and fun day!!! It started with the usual morning routine, which includes a bone so PPKS is entertained for a while and I can collect myself!

First iPup Update: Scarlett

We have our first iPup Update! Tiffany has a lot of great puppy info to share so her update is longer than most will be -- don't be intimidated new iPup Parents! In general, we are looking for 1 - 3 paragraphs with 2 - 4 pictures.

New Names!

We have some names to report!

From Behind the Scenes & Congratulations!

This is more on the whole Breeding is Not for the Faint of Heart series...

Back to Puppy Business

I thought I had my names (call and registered) all picked out -- and it turns out that they just don't fit the puppy currently known as Sparkle. And so Galen suggested Kaibab's I Can't Decide -- isn't he helpful?! I am glad that I am not alone in having no good answer when asked, "what's your puppy's name?"


This morning Sparkle and Duke enjoyed some final hours together...

Eight Weeks and Scattering

Pixie is already at home in Utah, and Kidd, Pip, Scarlet and Jackson are traveling -- safe travels everyone!!!!! Here is Sparkle's official eight week pic...


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