September 2013

Monday Monday

Something that people often wonder about is how other dogs handle death and grief, and so when Halo died last week we had the perfect opportunity to assess this.

The Next Generation

Ruminating doesn't help -- so I remember that it was a week ago that I found Halo collapsed in the dining room, I cry a few tears, and then I shift my attention to parts of Halo I have left -- her granddaughters...

George P Update and etc.

Yay! We have an update from George P. Pipster -- well, about George from Lori :)

Two Cents

Sharing is a good thing...


Can you even believe the iPups are three months old today?! We have (at least) two fun things in honor of the iPups' three month birthday...

Debriefing Continued and an Illustration

The whole end-of-life/death/grief experience reminds me of childbirth, but not because of the transition but rather because of an important technique I learned during natural childbirth classes -- the ability to soften into something.

The Day After

The first morning after a death is hard in an interesting way. I only needed four big dog bowls, and saying "Halo" out loud as I put the first one down reminded me how automatic life with dogs becomes. It wasn't Halo's bowl -- it was Zoey's -- but Halo always was served first so it was her name that came to my lips. But she isn't here anymore.

She's Gone

Halo died peacefully at my feet, under the table, at about 10:45 am. She simply stopped breathing and took her leave, unable to stay in her body any longer -- and that is the ony reason Halo would have ever left me -- because she had no choice. Many tears for sweet beloved Halo...

Updates of All Sorts

Halo is still with us this morning and her condition is basically unchanged...

Off Balance

A few days ago we noticed that Halo was having some balance issues so off to the vet - diagnosis is probably Vestibular Disease, which is not unusual in older dogs. Other than needing some help on the steps and bumping into things, Halo was otherwise just fine -- until this morning.


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