October 2013

I wish I may, I wish I might... Pictures!

Halloween -- and we certainly know who will have dressed up dogs!

The Nature of Achievement & Evening Pics

A benefit of experience is that it invites a sort of insider wisdom. It doesn't assure it, of course, but the invitation to learn and grow in the knowledge department is issued when we layer experience on experience.

Home & History

Asia is a reminder to honor the nature of a dog -- and not reject her because she doesn't fit what we thought we wanted.

Sunday News Flash & Pics

This is a quickie because it is time to pack and start driving but...

CA Show News

Asia was Best of Opposite for a major towards her Grand Championship - she needs just one point to finish it! Harper B for Best Girl was Winners Bitch for a major! And her sister, Lainey, was Reserve! How cute is that?!

Four Months

Can't let the day go by without wishing the iPups a Happy FOUR MONTH Birthday! Sparkle is having a grand time on our road trip -- here she is with one of my nieces -- Rosemary, age seven...

Tristan Update & Travel Day

Cuteness Alert! And swallow your coffee (or wine ;) before reading on...

Birthday Thoughts

Sunday was not only Favorite Auntie Emmy's birthday, but it was also Halo's birthday. I did not forget, of course, but sometimes setting something aside is an appropriate and effective way to cope.

A Very Slight Rant & Pics & Science Project!

One essential quality of a Berner is breed type -- and that absolutely has to do with the physical features of a dog. Type is what makes a Bernese Mountain Dog look like a Bernese Mountain Dog, and I am not talking about markings -- I am talking about substance and structure as defined by the Breed Standard, of which markings are a small, small part.

Questions to Ponder & a Video

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."


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