November 2013

Frozen & Fun with Frizzles

One of the dangers of writing a Blog is a certain kind of freezing. I know why this is -- it is because I have occasionally received feedback that feels like criticism or "error messages" and those things can easily make one tentative and unsure about the wisdom of being honest.


Happy Black Friday -- and I say that from the safe confines of my house because no amount of savings would get me out shopping today! I hope everyone had a wonderful and peaceful Thanksgiving, and is ready for the official launch of the Holidays. Here in Montana, the morning is proceeding as usual.

Happy Thanksgiving!

What are you grateful for?

Secret Santa -- Not Too Late!

It is that time of year again...

Five Month Collage

Here are the iPups at five months -- thanks to Terri Z :)

Five Months Old!

The iPups are five months old today and we are working on a collage -- Holy Geeks! No offense to the iPups but yes, five months is when things start to lengthen out -- noses, legs and so on :)

Thoughts About Halo and Breeding and So On...

As the rest of the G Litter updates come in, I am putting them in the same post as their littermates so check out the Nov. 22 blog post for Mika's fun update -- still waiting on Tara but I will add it there when it comes.

I was looking through Facebook this morning and came across these wonderful pictures of Maddie (F Litter)...

Happy Birthday Glitterati! UPDATED

Long, long day but our birthday dogs have been on my mind - and here they are!


We have a birthday today -- and it starts the G Litter birthday celebration. Happy Birthday, Barbz!!! Here is her birthday report:

Nikko J & Official!

Yay - another fun iPup update!


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