December 2013

More Holiday Fun & etc.

Our Secret Santa program continues -- Sue (and Milo -- D Litter) send us this report: "We ended up coming home early from our week away due to weather, and when we arrived home, there was a wonderful package waiting for me.  What fun!


According to the Specialty Countdown Calendar sent to me by Riley Green Specialty Queen, we have just under 100 days until the 2014 Specialty. This means we all need to get very focused about goals and training -- FUN. The Specialty is my most favorite week of the year.


Although we see a lot of puppies on the Blog (and who doesn't enjoy seeing puppies grow up?!), we also love seeing pictures of older Kaibab dogs. Today we have two dogs from the D Litter (Maize x Zack) who are 7.5+ years old -- first up is Milo, who lives with Jeff and Sue in New Hampshire...

Blankets, Lessons, Love

Like all years, 2013 was a bit of a mixed bag with amazing things to celebrate and some things we wish had not happened. I suppose "finished" years are an opportunity to know if one is a glass half full or half empty kind of person -- do we focus on what was wonderful or what was unfortunate?

Holidays Continue

I have two Secret Santa reports to share -- and we are not done! One of Secret Santas has been under the weather and like Christmas presents from Amazon via UPS, there is a bit of a delay. Feel better, Secret Santa!!

Brief & George vs. Lint Roller

We will have a few more Secret Santa reports due to travels and etc. but in the meantime -- are we all just exhausted from the Holidays?! I raise my hand for sure! A few days of rest and then it is time to set Hopes and Dreams for 2014! Yay! Photos later...

Merry Christmas

Sparkle and Pete take time away from reading their favorite book to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas...

Secret Santa Is All Over the Place!

I thought for sure that Favorite Auntie or perhaps Toby would have instantly zeroed in on the clever placement of fig-related material in Elizabethanne's Secret Santa photo but no -- it was Alison who figured that out! We have a funny crew indeed :) And we also have a flurry of Secret Santa reports today!

A Poodliecious Secret Santa

We never really know the impact of our thoughtfulness, and sometimes that impact changes in route. Elizabethanne has been taking her place on that Hard Bench in the Dark Place of Grief but her Secret Santa provided what she called a "welcome diversion" - good job, Secret Santa!

More Secret Santa Fun

Secret Santa is hither and yonder, spreading happiness and building connections all over the place!


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