January 2014


Will this snow be gone by the Specialty?! This is Maya (F Litter) in Virginia enjoying winter (thanks Karen!)...

Puppy Love & Specialty Grooming & etc.

A fun, feel-good, extra cute video for today -- thanks to Alison for sending the link!

Thoughts from Snowy Montana

At the risk of annoying those who want to see pictures, I want to follow-up on a couple of things from the past few days.

An Important TEDx Talk

Vulnerability as the birth place of ____________. Well-worth twenty minutes.

Monday Miscellaneous

Dogs in Washington and Colorado will be glad when the Super Bowl is over and their owners stop dressing them! Terri Z sends this picture of the father-son war between Seahawk fan, Zed, and his son, Zeke, who is all about orange and blue.

Baby Steps

Sparkle working on her horse issues...

Seven Months Old

The iPups are seven months old today -- can you believe it?! They range in size to Nikko J and George P at 68 pounds down to Sparkle at 54 pounds, with the boys clustered in the mid-upper 60's (except Tag.doc, who is somewhat smaller) and the girls within 2 - 3 pounds of each other. Their families report smart, athletic, cuddly, and easily trained puppies. And as a breeder, I am very pleased by their breed type and consistency, especially at this awkward age, and I am grateful for the excellent home that each iPup has -- what a blessing that is to the puppies and to me.

More on OFA and Films and Kidd Show News

I want to clarify the issue of repeating films for the OFA -- there are actually two ways that one can do this.

News and a Lovely Holden Picture and Video

As I have mentioned, we are getting just stellar orthopedic results from the H Litter -- six of the seven have had their two-year films done and all have Good or Excellent ratings on their hips and clear elbows. Auggie will have his permanent films done soon, but he was pre-lim'd as Good hips and normal elbows.

A House Divided

Zed (F Litter) and his human family are serious Seahawk fans -- but his son has blood of a different color this Super Bowl season...


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