February 2014

Blizzard Central

Live blogging about the Blizzard of 2014 -- the one that shut down the University of Montana for the first time in twenty years (per Almighty Heidi)! Here is the official word on the weather event:

Ready for Spring! REJECTED

The van did not wish to be unstuck. In fact, it managed to become stuck in several more places along the driveway. The snow is SO deep.

Uh Oh

I tried to go in to work -- this is what happened:

Picture Day & Eight Months!

More snow has fallen and I am now snowed in! Dear Husband has been in Utah since last week -- what excellent timing is that?! This is the most snow since we have lived here and while it is beautiful, it would be okay if it melted now -- quickly.

Uncle! Uncle!

We have snow and lots of it -- and it is falling again. I love snow but this is perhaps a bit excessive ;) This is Sparkle...

The Power of Us & Snow

I am a big fan of social support and community because people with these things tend to be happier and healthier. Therefore, it is really rewarding to see how our dogs help us build connections with each other, taking care of our mental and physical well-being in yet another way.


We have a fresh supply of snow, much to the dogs' delight (sorry Karsten!). Here is Asia...

The Price of Friendship

Have you ever thought about the price of a friendship -- the cost to your soul? The pieces of silver you must hand over in order to maintain a relationship, even if it betrays your soul?

Does Why Matter? SO Big!

Yesterday's blog resonated with many more people than I expected; this means a lot of people have felt victimized by unkind remarks and attitudes, and I find that reality very unfortunate.

The Supreme Insignificance of FOUR INCHES

I have made the most interesting discovery -- for some, this is all it takes to feel important and superior:


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