March 2014

Just Pics

I am glad others are able to keep us in pictures while I rush about like a crazy person trying to get ready to leave on Wednesday  -- check out how big Scarlett is!

Curses and Connection

I have hope the Specialty Curse might be broken! First Jill posted this for me on Facebook:

Needed: Curse Buster

Since I was a child I have dreams about things I need being just out of reach. When a new semester is starting I have dreams about forgetting to show up for the first class, showing up on the wrong day, showing up ill-prepared, or showing up in my pj's (or worse). Stress dreams are a common way our unconscious mind alerts us to our anxieties and concerns, and I am sure most of you know what I am talking about.

More Nine Month iPups & Echoes

The iPups deserve a two day celebration for their nine month birthday, and by doing that I can add some joy into this day -- the two year anniversary of the day Cadi left us. I think I will set all that swirls around the anniversary aside for now and just be thankful for all the wonderful dogs who are still with us -- including these extra cute iPups. Here is Marti and Kidd...

Nine Months Old

The iPups are NINE MONTHS OLD -- can you believe it?! This lovely picture of Brody with Nikko J was posted on Facebook...


Morning Fun in Montana...

Learning & Happy & News & Spring!

Social learning involves watching what happens when others perform behavior, and learning from those observations. I have an excellent example of how dogs can and do use this technique happening here in the living room.


It is a focused, busy time around here...

Pieces of Us

In the comments a few days ago Jill described a situation and wondered what she should do -- I have thought a lot about that since. I suspect most of us have been in a similar situation -- torn between minding our own business and doing something. But do what? That is often hard to figure out, isn't it?

Preparation in a Community Context & Ava

It is no secret I am not a fan of showing a dog before she is ready -- in anything. And in my mind, if one is wondering, "is she ready?" the answer is no.


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