April 2014

Ribbons and a Ponder Point

Happy Anniversary to my Dear Husband! And Happy Birthday to my cousin, Julie! And Happy Day to everyone else :)

More on Little Soldiers & Pictures Again!

As I was writing yesterday, I realized that a discussion of Little Soldiers needed some additional explanation about how we arrived with the 100 Little Soldiers that march through life with us, and also how to keep them in good shape so they can handle the challenges of our lives.

Little Soldiers

This is a blog about Little Soldiers. Not vertically challenged members of the military but the 100 Little Soldiers that each of us has inside to handle the details of our lives.

Sunday Fun

First things first -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOBY!!!! I hope she will humor us (and make Barbz extra happy) with a birthday crown picture :)

Handlers & Milo's Great to be Eight Party

After I helped Mac get his Versatility Dog Excellent award by training and showing him to two open level performance titles, someone mentioned some hard feelings about the fact that Mac's owner did not earn those titles with him -- as if it was somehow cheating or unfair to have someone like me do the working titles for the award. My response was something like: HUH?!

D Litter Birthday!

Wonderful, thoughtful and appreciated comments on yesterday's blog -- thank you for taking the time to share your perspectives. We shift gears today to celebrate the eighth birthday of the D Litter. I do not have all the pictures yet but I have some to share -- let's start with Milo...

Observations on Outrage

If you are on Facebook you may already know that a Jesuit high school in Portland is planning to auction a Berner puppy in early May. The outrage and resulting action has been impressive (see for example, https://www.change.org/petitions/jesuit-high-school-portland-stop-auctio...).

Expression and Pictures

I think the ability to feel pain, including the pain of grief, and to express it is important and healthy. Perhaps this is the advantage of having expertise in loss and grief -- I know it is temporary, normal, and needs expression. There is no shame is acknowledging loss, disappointment, grief, pain, and so on -- in fact, I view it as a strength when done in appropriate ways.

Life & What's Your Sign

I was all set to have Sydney bred -- arrangements were made and sweet Tiffany was willing to keep Syd for the week but I just couldn't do it. Part of it was the hassle factor with the foot but that is not the primary reason -- the reason Syd is not being bred is because I feel as if I have landed in my own personal episode of Mean Girls.

Spring in California

Isn't this a wonderful picture of Kidd (iPup) and Purna (F Litter)? Thank you, Marti -- a reminder for the rest of us that Spring will come :)


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