May 2014

Baby Steps & Pics & News!

I think about training -- and teaching --  always in terms of increments, or Baby Steps. When I train a new behavior, I break it into small pieces, and train each piece carefully and separately. Would you attempt to assemble a puzzle by throwing all the pieces in the air and hoping they land in the right places? Good luck with that :)

Announcing... & News Flash

This weekend should be a fun one for those of us enjoying vicarious dog event experiences. There is a draft test in Oregon, and Holden will be showing in a beauty pageant out east -- good luck to everyone and keep us posted :)

Ava! And etc.

Cute Ava!


Just some pictures of Sparkle from this afternoon...

Memorial Day & Harper B for ?

"Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends."

(John 15:13)

Eleven Months Old & Pictures

It is a busy weekend at the Greens in Ft. Collins, CO. They are getting ready to move to a new home just two miles from where they currently live but the packing and etc. is big no matter how far away the new house is located. Luckily, Scarlett is there to help -- here she is resting after packing all those boxes of books...


Today is the day I turned two 21 year olds into parents. Just like that -- *poof*

Team Work & Winning Syd's Approval

I sometimes hear from people who have questions about dog-related things but do not have a relationship with the breeder of their dogs to ask those questions. I used to think poorly about breeders who seem to just dump their puppy owners, but I also have perspective from 14 years of being a breeder, and like most things, it is not quite as black and white as one might think.

Just Pictures of Fun

Sparkle playing with the apple Barbz sent to the iPups -- Sparkle welcomes any of her iPup littermates over for a rousing game of Apple...


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