June 2014

Baby Steps (LTU's)

Something I have learned from teaching is that what makes perfect sense to me doesn't always make sense to anyone else; in a classroom of students, puzzled faces are a clue that once again I have assumed too much.

RSVP & Lake Adventure

Training dogs is fascinating because of the secrets of the soul revealed in our work with dogs. Indeed, Life With Dogs is like living with our own personal psychodynamic therapist, which means that we are invited to insight after insight after insight. The key there is invitation -- nobody, not even a brilliant dog -- can force us to awareness or insight.

Post-Show Reflections

The three-day Missoula show was a lot of fun, and like all shows, it was a learning experience as well. I was on the show committee and that provided a really interesting perspective. In addition, Galen was hired as part of the team that set up the show, worked it, and then took it all down; I learned that there is SO much that goes into putting on a dog show.

Another iUpdate: Nikko J

Nikko J started life as Jackson...

Happy FIRST Birthday iPups!!!!

The one year iUpdates are still coming in and I hope to have a collage in the next day or so -- let's start today with Scarlett's iUpdate:

Missoula Show: Day Three :)

We had another great day. Harper B for Better Than Yesterday was second in a lovely bred-by class -- the judge yesterday commented on how strong the class was and that placements were hard to decide so second today was excellent. Sydney was again Best of Opposite, earning another four point major that she doesn't really need but still -- FUN. Here are Harper B and Sydney celebrating when we got home...

Missoula Show Day 2

Harper B for Better than Yesterday and Sparkle...

Missoula Show: Day 1

Big News from Missoula -- Grand Champion Sydney...

Fun Pics

Let's start the day with our favorite K-Kids...

The Like Button & Happy Birthday Karsten!

I am on an interesting Facebook group and the morning conversation prompts me to write about something that has been on my mind for while -- what it means when we select a breeder for our new puppy. But first -- the reason I am not posting cartwheel pictures of myself without the boot is because it turns out in this final recovery stretch I am still to wear the boot some part of the day, depending on activity. Longest 12 weeks ever -- sigh.


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