August 2014

Sunday News

This is Zoey's first weekend as a Preferred dog, which means she is jumping 20 inches instead of 24. I made this switch for several reasons but the main one is this: Why Not?

Red Lodge! Red Jamie!

Greetings from the amazingly excellent Yellowstone Dog Sports near Red Lodge, Montana. It is an incredible place -- indoor agility arena with guest rooms all along the outside, two ponds, tracking fields, and so on. Zoey, Sparkle and I are staying in one of the rooms -- a no frills, shared bathroom but oh so convenient room...

Bad Things, Good People

LaLa Land -- the place where people live in blissful denial that random bad things happen to good people every single day. From their vantage point in LaLa Land, there is a sort of, "tsk, tsk" when bad things strike others -- as if the right food or the right breeding decision or the right ground toad warts would have prevented the Bad Thing from happening. People stay in LaLa Land until the lightening strikes right through the center of their smug self-righteousness and lays the stark reality of unfairness smoldering at their feet.

Sparkle at Work & a Re-Birth

Back to work for Sparkle...

Minor Stuff

My camera has officially given up the ghost and this was particularly upsetting this morning as I have about 40 very blurry shots of Bullwinkle the Moose who stopped in for a visit. Bummer!!!! Moose sightings are rare -- that was only the second one at our house in over five years. I am on the hunt for a new camera as the iPhone pictures just are not the same...

Sunday Play & Ava!

Our two young girls, Harper B for Blacker and Sparkle...


So far, so good in the avoid surgery department – my hand is not really better but more importantly – it is not worse

NPO -- I Promise

Thank you for all your kind words about the consequences of the recent Berner Brawl to my hand. Like all new situations, this one offers so many lessons! Who knew left hands were so handy!


Life with dogs is not all fun and games. Toby is recovering from a dog bite she received when two of her dogs got crossways with each (names withheld to avoid shaming but the fight did not include a certain squeaky dog ;).  I admire and respect Toby but truly I am not trying be her! This is me this morning:


Something I think about a lot, especially lately, is what each dog seems well-suited to doing in life. The reason I think about this is because I think it should not just be my decision what activities a dog does -- she should also have a say in it.


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