September 2014



Lost in Translation

Zoey will make her debut in Open obedience in 12 days, and therefore it is appropriate that a new wrinkle should appear in the fabric of the work. Specifically, she is anticipating the drop on recall -- clever girl, that Zoey.

Dog Days of Summer, Continued

Summer is winding down but that doesn't mean the fun is ending -- here is Scarlett (iPups) enjoying a lovely autumn day on the SUP (Stand-up Paddle Board) at Lake Green...

Adventures in Montana

Yesterday I was free of the typical Five Teaching Hours Friday, and so went on an adventure with Bethany. I posted some of my favorite pictures of Bethany on Facebook but wanted to share my dog photos here on the blog.

Big News!

Hot off the Press -- news from Virginia...

Build a Major & News!

I bet you have heard of Build a Bear -- the store where you assemble your own personal teddy bear? Did you know in the dog world we have something called, "Build a Major?"

A Small Request

Life with Dogs creates all kind of opportunities to practice important traits, qualities, and skills. The difficulty is that sometimes one only knows what those are *after* the situation is done -- usually because we are shocked into silence and/or inaction. One of my recent, "Did I really just hear that?!" moments happened at the tracking test, and it went like this:

iPup Fun

Just a few recent pictures of some of the iPups, starting with George P. Pipster (and fans)...


That very clever WA Barb correctly guessed that we were at a tracking test in Idaho yesterday. No, Sparkle did not pass but what a great worker she is!! And I learned a couple of important things that we are missing in our training and so it was a great success.

Just Pictures

The new sign at the borders of Montana...


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