October 2014

Sad News & Legend Needs a Home

I have some sad news to share about a member of the Berner community -- Vicky Whitney has died of a stroke that followed a rather routine surgery. Vicky lived in Bozeman, Montana for decades but had moved to Colorado just a few years ago to be closer to her two children and their families. A happy, positive, cheerful person, Vicky will be sorely missed and I think all of us are just stunned.

Thursday Good Luck Wishes

Fun weekend ahead for members of our community -- Good luck to Karsten, Maddie, Jumar and anyone else who is evaluating their training at shows, trials, and tests this weekend :) Nikko J sends a high five to all for the strong work...

Tuesday Photos

Extra Nice Sue in NH sent this wonderful photo of Milo (D Litter)...


Ava (iPups) says, "Juggling two balls...."

Life in the Gray Zone & Photos

A couple of weeks ago a student in my ethics class told me that he appreciated how I teach because I clearly value all perspectives -- what a wonderful compliment that was. Another student shared that she found the class frustrating because she wanted clear answers to the ethical challenges we discuss, and I never seem to offer any of those; I consider her angst more positive feedback about the class. Those two things are related -- when we value different perspectives it is often hard to see one right answer (darn it!).

Just Pictures


R.I.P. & Pics

As you may know, we bought a new Toyota Sienna van in the Spring. Our older one, a 2007, had nearly 250,000 miles and while there were no issues with it, I did not feel comfortable driving long distances in it anymore. But while I have many flaws, I do believe that loyalty is a character trait I possess in ample amounts and so I could not bear to give up the old van. And so I sang,


Karma making her morning rounds -- here she is with Harper B for BFF...


I am thrilled to share this photo...

Sweet Dreams

Good thing the bed is big!


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